eeek, it’s Wenesday…

February 26, 2014

The next book is due on March 1.  It’s almost there!  February, that month where the end of the month totally sneaks up on me!  I’m not worried — except the copy edits for Low Midnight landed on my desk this week, too.  This always happens.  (Update:  when I say the book is due, I mean the manuscript is due at my publisher.)

Just in case you think I had a consistently terrible time in high school based on the last couple of posts, I want to assure you I had some really wonderful teachers as well.  Like Mr. McHugh, who let us try some pretty crazy (i.e. exothermic, i.e. explosive) experiments during class in AP Chemistry because it was totally educational, or Mrs. Gaggi, my sophomore English teacher, who when I shyly went up to her desk and asked her if my writing was maybe good enough to get published, she said, “Sure, give it a try!”  And that’s when I started sending out short stories.

I had a blah day yesterday, which I blame on a combination of bad weather and having to spend the day on some bureaucratic errands that took almost all day.  Today will be better. *cracks knuckles, gets to it*

4 Responses to “eeek, it’s Wenesday…”

  1. Tim Schmidt Says:


    Which book is it? I checked with my bookseller so he’d have it and he doesn’t show anything from you till June.


  2. carriev Says:

    This is the next Kitty book after Low Midnight. It’s not on any schedules yet because I haven’t yet turned it in. (When I say it’s due, I meant the manuscript is due at my publishers, not the book is due out.)

    Low Midnight should be out later this year, I still need to check on the exact date.

  3. Tim Says:

    Hooray for Mr. McHugh! He’s just the best.

  4. Jerry Says:

    Am so excited to see that one of my favorite authors is also a comic fan. Is kitty ever getting that treatment?

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