new Harry and Marlowe

February 19, 2014

There’s a new Harry and Marlowe story up on Lightspeed!

Harry and Marlowe and the Intrigues at the Aetherian Exhibition.

This was a fun one because we get to see Harry in her Princess Maud role, as well as her family, Princess Alexandra, Crown Prince George, his wife Mary of Teck, and even a quick glimpse of Prince Carl of Denmark.  All that research, paying off!  I’m on a roll with Harry and Marlowe stories, so I’m giving rein to the impulse — I’ve just sold another one that will probably be out later this year, and I’m gearing up to write yet another.  So many stories to tell!

In other news, I’ve been super excited about Guardians of the Galaxy ever since the easter egg featuring the Collector showed up in Thor 2.  So weird!  So aesthetically different!  So intriguing!  Well, the full trailer just premiered.  I…I….I AM SO SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THIS I CAN HARDLY CONTAIN MYSELF.  I’ve never even read the comics.  I remember when this movie was announced and everyone was so skeptical, why on earth would they make a movie about some fourth string comic heroes, how is this even going to work?  And you know what?  I don’t care, because THIS IS THE SPACE OPERA I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR MY WHOLE LIFE.  This….it’s…space ships….talking raccoons….tree aliens…humor….action…ooga chucka…

I’m gonna stop now.  *takes deep breath*


3 Responses to “new Harry and Marlowe”

  1. great news. Really enjoy the Harry/Marlowe stories. Can I look forward to an anthology collection sometime?

  2. I absolutely love the Harry/Marlowe stories! I want a book of all of them in order. Please write more! These stories are intellegent and adventuresome. You do amazing work Carrie! Just telling you.

  3. carriev Says:

    Thanks, guys! And yes, I’d like to get them all into a book, but I have a few more to write first.

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