January 29, 2014

I took myself on a happy birthday walk yesterday (it was my birthday!).  One of the things I love about Colorado:  it snows, and then the sun comes out, and it’s beautiful.  The world turns into Narnia waking up after the White Witch’s rule.


It speaks to how busy I’ve been that I haven’t been out walking in the local parks and open spaces since before September’s flooding.  Which is how I discovered yesterday that one of my favorite places to walk is still closed because of flood damage.  Another favorite trail at a different park is shut down because a bridge on the trail was completely destroyed — the underlying soil at either end seems to have just washed away.

Many of the parks and open spaces near here are the sites of ponds and reservoirs, some of them built specifically to contain water run off and for flood mitigation.  I can’t imagine what they must have looked like in September.

Nothing alters a landscape like water.


4 Responses to “winter”

  1. Juls Says:

    Happy belated birthday Carrie! And a beautiful picture! Hopefully the parks can open up soon. I know winter here is taking a nice toll on the roads and the river near my work. Then again, that river floods just about every year.

  2. Happy belated birthday! 😀

  3. carriev Says:

    Awe, cute!

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