January 17, 2014

My Christmas present to niece Emmy this year involved shipping a 25″ square box to her, because everyone deserves a present larger than they are at least once in their lives.

What was in the box?

squid - Copy

I used this squid pattern from Build-a-DIY Tumblr.  Because I saw it and thought “OMG Emmy needs a giant squid.”

I was mostly afraid that Emmy’s parents would never forgive me for giving her a present that doesn’t actually fit anywhere.  I had hoped by this time to be able to post a picture of Emmy with her squid, but on my visit to Oregon last week, Rob showed me the video of Emmy opening the box and reacting to the squid.

I may have given her a squid phobia for life.  :-/

Maybe when the thing isn’t significantly bigger than she is, her parents can pull it out of the closet and try again.


4 Responses to “squid”

  1. Andrew Says:

    That. Is. Awesome.

    Of course, I hope they’ve stored it well. You wouldn’t want tentacles reaching out of her closet.

    I think I managed to scar my son when I tried to make a hot dog octopus. It did not go well.

  2. Clearly what this calls for is an equally-sized sperm whale! Then at least she can make them fight and the whale can vanquish the scary squid.

  3. Doruk Says:

    I want a giant squid!!!

  4. Meghan Says:

    I’ve been looking to make this and your obvious success gives me confidence that it can be done! I love the fuzzy pink fabric!

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