January 6, 2014

Tomorrow’s the day:  Dreams of the Golden Age is out in the wild.  Huzzah!  Don’t forget to check out the appearances page, directly to your right, for my signings and bookstore appearances.  I’ll be in Salem, Cincinnati, Raleigh, and Atlanta.  I hope to see some of you there!

As I’ve mentioned before, while the Kitty books have full-on playlists, other books I write usually have one or two main songs that set the tone of the story for me, and become the novel’s soundtrack.  Dreams has two songs, one for each of the viewpoint characters.  Here they are:

Anna’s song:

Celia’s song:

I gotta tell you, I kind of really love these two songs together.  Youth and age, hope and cynicism, the perspective of someone who’s about to walk into the crucible versus someone who’s been through it and come out the other side.

Thank you in advance for giving Dreams a try.  It’s the sequel I wanted to write, and it makes me happy.




2 Responses to “tomorrow: DREAMS OF THE GOLDEN AGE”

  1. Celia Says:

    I reread After the Golden Age this weekend to prepare. Very excited to read Dreams of the Golden Age!

  2. Dustin Says:

    Was preordered some time ago, but I don’t think it is going to arrive anytime soon :D. Not with us being under a Level 3 snow emergency and -40 wind chill.

    Why couldn’t this freeze waited until after this was available? Now I got all this freetime and nothing to read. 😦

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