in between

December 27, 2013

Friday doesn’t really feel like Friday when it’s been a holiday all week.  Boxing Day party yesterday, another party tomorrow, New Year’s Eve party in a few days…  I’ve fully embraced the Twelve Days of Christmas model, where the holidays don’t end until the first weekend of January, at the feast of the Epiphany.  Lots of celebrating left to do, and the decorations stay up until then!

But I think I still need to clean the house today.

I also just realized, Dreams of the Golden Age will be out in about ten days.  So close!  This one snuck up on me.  Read an excerpt over at  The great fun of writing this book was taking a character who had a rough relationship with parents, and watching how she does with her own teenage daughters.  There’s also a whole new batch of superheroes in this one.  I hope people like it!


2 Responses to “in between”

  1. Thomas Stacey Says:

    Very cool! Looking forward to reading this one!

  2. C.R. Says:

    More superhero prose!

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