December 6, 2013

My comics-guy friend Max and I went out for coffee.  Here’s what we talked about (roughly edited for dramatic effect).

Max:  Did you see they cast Wonder Woman for that Superman v. Batman movie?

Me:  Yes.  You know what the story’s going to be, right?  It’s going to be Superman and Batman duking it out for Wonder Woman’s affections.

Max:  No.  No.

Me:  Yes.

Max:  No, that’s just not right.

Me:  You know who’s directing, don’t you?

Max: ….  Zach Snyder?  Just no, he won’t do that.

Me:  I have two words for you.

Max: (winces)  What….

Me:  Frank.  Miller.

Max: (puts head in hands and repeats in a tone of despair)  No, no, no, no……..

(It’s like the DC movie franchise is utterly terrified of a solo Wonder Woman project.  And yet they desperately, desperately want a Justice League series than can compete with the Avengers.  But they can’t do Justice League without a strong solo Wonder Woman project.  I can see the producers curled up on the floor, hands wrapped around their heads, weeping…)


7 Responses to “cynic”

  1. Doruk Says:

    I strongly wonder if there is any woman muscular enough to do Wondy justice in Hollywood.

  2. Carriev Says:

    Zoe Bell.

  3. Doruk Says:

    Is she tall enough to loom over Supes?

  4. Tim Schmidt Says:

    Just read an article on MSN raking Hollywood over the coals for not giving Wonder Woman her own movie.


  5. pikeamus Says:

    @ Doruk:
    How about Gina Carano? Ok she’s not a great actress but she does got bonus points for being able to actually beat up most, if not all, of the men that would appear in any given film with her.

    At the moment Gal Gadot is a little on the petit side to be an effective wonder woman. Maybe she’ll start pumping iron in earnest but I won’t hold my breath.

  6. David Bowles Says:

    DC is in danger of getting into the fail zone with their movie franchises.

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