state of the office

December 2, 2013

A sense of fatalism has set in, rather than panic.  I think this is a good thing, I think.  Just over three weeks until Christmas.  I’m really missing that week of a grace period we usually get between Thanksgiving and the first of December.  But now it’s December and HOLY CRAP IT’S DECEMBER.  I have no idea at this point if I’ll be able to get everything done — and finish the draft of the current novel, as I blithely thought I might be able to do this month.  I’m making up to-do lists every day and just plugging along as best I can.

The current novel project hit the wall last week, right on schedule at 50k words, and being busy over the holidays with socializing and visiting and riding horses and so on meant I didn’t have the motivation to sit down and hash out the problems.  I think I can do that now, and get back to work, and maybe get close to finishing.  That would be nice.  I want to have a good long time to revise and get comments from beta readers on this one.

I did, however, finish and send off a short story, which is always nice.  I have a couple more short stories it would be nice to write in the next month or so.  Along with finishing the novel.  And a couple of other projects sitting on the front burners.  And this is why I often feel overwhelmed.  (And this is after Project Learn To Say No So I Don’t Burn Out, which has actually been moderately successful.)

I’m making some of the presents I’m giving this year, which is where that sense of fatalism comes in.  Will I finish?  Won’t I?  Who knows!  I may spend actual Christmas day with my hands soaking in warm water.  It will be worth it — for one thing in particular, that I’m keeping secret until I can actually get it done and get pictures.  This will be the most epic gift I’ve ever given.  But I keep running out of supplies so I have to get more this afternoon before I can finish it.

I also usually do a a lot of baking for the holidays — I give cookies and candy as gifts.  I should get started.

Then I have the trip to New Mexico this weekend and the book tour in January to get ready for.

Whew.  Okay.  Deep breaths.  I can do this.



One Response to “state of the office”

  1. Mardra Says:

    The good news is, Christmas comes whether you’re ready or not. Or I should say, The good news is: The day after Christmas comes whether you’re ready or not 🙂

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