TV catch-up

November 27, 2013

I’m watching more TV right now than I have in a long while.  Some interesting stuff going on.

Doctor Who, “Day of the Doctor.” The 50th anniversary special was…nice.  I cried once (“This time you don’t have to do it alone.”).  But Moffat’s gotten so wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey he just can’t resist retconning the whole damn universe, can he?  And now we get to argue about the Doctor numbering we’ve been using since 2005.  It just makes me so tired.

I still haven’t caught up on most of last season, and I don’t really care.  Clara seems to be even more Amy Pond than Amy Pond, and I just can’t do it.  You know what I want to see?  An alien companion, or a companion from a different time period.  Something new.  I’m actually really looking forward to seeing what the new doctor will do with the whole thing, and if they build at all on what happened in the special.

Sleepy Hollow: I adore the characters, the secret history, the setting.  But this “must have a shocking revelation every episode ” is starting to wear thin.  The back story is about to collapse under its own weight.

Agents of SHIELD is growing on me.  The episodes are starting to come together, and the characters are starting to gel.  I still have some WTF moments:  they don’t believe in telekenesis?  Inter dimensional portals and Asgardians are fine, but they draw the line at believing in teke?  Paging Dr. Grey…

Arrow is still my favorite show.  I’m enjoying it so darned much.  It’s managing its off-the-rails storylines, shocking revelations, and continuity very well indeed.  And I still love that these characters all really love each other and look out for each other.  Moire and Thea and their relationship are fantastic this season.

Castle:  Still good!  I keep waiting for it to jump the shark and it gets close but then doesn’t!

Almost Human:   I caught the first couple of episodes, and oh dear, it’s trying so hard, isn’t it?  Dorian is great.  But the science word salad expository bits are driving me bonkers.  Also, why didn’t anyone tell me Lili Taylor was in it?  Yay, Lili Taylor!  And maybe someday, we’ll get a near future something that doesn’t try so hard to be Blade Runner.  In light of all the other good shows I can be watching, I may not stick with it.

Atlantis:  This is a thing that BBC American was pushing hard, that premiered after “Day of the Doctor.”  At first I was really excited because it looked like it was going to be Farscape but with Greek mythology (supersquee!).  But it was all very meh.  Full of Gen Y hotties and not much else.  I’d rather watch Tom Mison, Karl Urban, and Nathan Fillion, thanks.

7 Responses to “TV catch-up”

  1. Amy Sisson Says:

    Completely agree on Castle (although I haven’t seen the baby ep yet).


    I completely thought that the murder victim doppelgangers was going to be the “jump the shark” ep — heck, I remember when “Starsky and Hutch” did a bad guy lookalikes episode! — but it actually made plot sense. Still pretty outrageous, but it made sense.

  2. Aw, I quite like Clara — I’d say she’s one of the best new series companions; like a more bearable version of River Song, except she honestly doesn’t seem to be romantically attracted to the Doctor at all. That said, it is disappointing that she didn’t have much to actually do in this particular episode.


    I’ll admit, I was not expecting Tom Baker’s cameo at the end — now that made me tear up. To see my two number-one favorite Doctors (David Tennant & Tom Baker) and one of my number-two favorites (Matt Smith) in the same episode made the entire thing worthwhile, as did watching An Adventure in Space and Time beforehand.

  3. Jax Says:

    I must be the only person who enjoys the timey wimey wibble stuff. I got annoyed when it was ignored, they have a time machine, why not use it? And they take care to interweave stories into the known past without causing major issues when most TV can’t be bothered with checking against a straight timeline.

    The Clara Storyline is interesing but I suspect not your cup of tea, more timey wimey stuff, there are some interesting leadins/foreshadows of the DotD but nothing massively significant except the end of the very last episode. (I just caught up before watching DotD)

  4. Frankly, one of the elements I’ve least enjoyed about the revived Who has been the near-complete absense of Gallifrey. The tension between ossified Gallifrey and the free-spirit Doctor made for some fairly entertaining shows in the old series. Tossing it all away in favor of postmodern angsty-Doctor annoyed me. But on the other hand, I always knew from the outset that it would only last until the writers changed their minds.

    And this particular retcon seems to be the best way they could possibly have gone about it, giving Gallifrey an “out” while not contradicting what’s been presented to us in the series already. So now the Doctor has a Ulysses 31-style quest to find his home, which might make for a season or two worth of good stories.

    Then I have some hopes we might get more old-school “Stop wandering around meddling and get back to Gallifrey where you belong!” “Nyah nyah, can’t make me!” stuff.

    And hey…with the Time Lords back, maybe they could fix stuff like the alternate dimension wall blocking off Rose’s universe. Wouldn’t that be fun? 🙂

  5. Les Says:

    Almost Human reminds me of the old program Total Recall 2070 from around 10 or so years ago, but not as dark.
    Sleepy Hollow – I like it and it is filmed in NC. It is a bit different.
    S.H.I.E.L.D.- It also is growing on me and would like to see more from that universe.
    DW – You really need to see the episodes with Clara in them as it will confuse- er- help out on her story. But you’ll have time as the new season will not start until August.

  6. Once again I find myself nodding and “yup!”-ing all the way through reading your post! “Day of the Doctor” was fine, but “The Five-ish Doctors” was *fantastic* – if you haven’t seen it yet (by some odd chance??) it’s really worth hunting it down!

    It took me up until these past two weeks to really enjoy Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, but I think they’re hitting their stride now. I love Sleepy Hollow, but I’m a little obsessed with that stupid “Pop. 144,000” sign they show every time. I grew up about ten minutes from the real village of Sleepy Hollow and it’s got fewer than 10K people. And they aren’t portraying it as a big place – why not make the sign correct? It’s totally trivial but annoys me to no end.

  7. Carbonman Says:

    I only watched ‘Total Recall 2070’ a few times, so that wasn’t my flashback re ‘Almost Human’; I immediately thought way back to ‘Mann & Machine’ from 1992 with David Andrews and Yancy Butler.
    ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ is as good as can be expected with an ensemble cast. They are still getting everyone’s back story out there, a luxury most shows don’t have because of the almighty ratings/cancellation race.
    I’ll catch up on Dr. Who’ over Christmas. The PVR keeps loading episodes in the folder.
    I purposely avoided ‘Castle’ until this year but am catching up because it’s in heavy syndication. It’s as good as I expected a Nathan Filion show to be.

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