upcoming events and mini book tour

November 22, 2013

I have news!  I have upcoming appearances to publicize!  Here they are!

December 9, 7 pm, Jean Cocteau Cinema in Santa Fe, NM:  “Dangerous Talk About Dangerous Women.”  Many authors from the Dangerous Women anthology, along with editors George R.R. Martin and Gardner Dozois, will be here reading from and talking about their stories.  The theater is also running films on the theme of “dangerous women.”  Here’s the event listing, scroll down to find this one.

January 10, 7 pm: The Book Bin in Salem, Oregon.  Please note, this is at their new location in East Salem.

January 16, 7:00pm: Joseph-Beth Books, Cincinnati, OH.

January 17, 7:30pm:  Quail Ridge Books, Raleigh, NC.

January 18, 1 pm: Eagle Eye Bookshop, Atlanta, GA.

I’m also scheduled to be guests at two conventions next year:

April 25-27, ConStellation, Lincoln, NE.  I’ll be the Author Guest of Honor.

September 26-28, FenCon XI, Dallas, TX. I’ll be the Special Guest leading the writing workshop.

Other Cons:

March 28-30, AnomalyCon, Denver’s steampunk convention.

May 13-18, RT Booklovers Convention, New Oreleans LA.  This’ll be my first time at this con.

August 14-18, Loncon, the World Science Fiction Convention in London.

I’m also planning MileHi Con, but probably not Bubonicon this year.  Too much traveling already…

I’m excited, because the book tour includes several stops I’ve never been to before. For all you folks who are always asking when I’m going to get to the east coast — this is it!  I’m heading east!  Huzzah!

If you’re wondering why I’m going to some towns and not others, and some stores and not others, there’s a lot of reasons — timing, what works on the schedule… and what stores asked to host an event with me.  If you want me to come do an event in your town, find a local independent bookstore that does a lot of events, or a local convention or book festival or such, and put in a request.  Tell them you want an event with me.  No guarantees that it’ll happen, but the more people make requests like this, the chances increase.


5 Responses to “upcoming events and mini book tour”

  1. Jim Gardner Says:

    Any prospect of a visit to the UK next year?

  2. carriev v. Says:

    I will be at the World SF convention in London next year, as listed.

  3. Jim Gardner Says:

    Great news, look forward to meeting you there!

  4. Mihaela Says:

    No Shamrokon? ;((((( If you can find the time (the weekend after Worldcon!) please consider coming to the Dublin Eurocon! Worldcon is still much too expensive for a large number of European fans and they will all got to Dublin…

  5. carriev Says:

    Mihaela, I’m still figuring out what to do with myself after Worldcon — I do want to travel. Is programming still available for Shamrokon? Who should I talk to? I guess I should check the website…

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