Thor: The Dark World

November 18, 2013

I think I’m just going to stop reviewing these things because we pretty much know it’s gonna be all squee.  SQUEE.

I do want to talk a bit about what I’m calling the Avengers Sequence and how I continue to be impressed by the scope and genius of the thing.  We’re up to eight movies (I’ve decided to include the Ed Norton Hulk movie, because it has enough tie-ins to the rest that it works) and a TV series, all set in the same world and continuity, and with mostly good stories that build a cohesive saga.

But that’s not the real genius of it all, I’ve decided.  I went to see Thor: The Dark World with my mega comics geek friend, and some friends who know nothing of comics.  I’m right in the middle.  The first easter egg after the movie — the epilog, I suppose — was delightfully bizarre (to describe it without spoilers).  An entirely new setting and aesthetic from anything we’ve seen so far, but still clearly part of the story.  I know enough of the meta here to recognize this is probably something that showed up in the comics, and is probably our first lead-in to this.  I asked my comics friend, and sure enough, he gave me the rundown, right down to issue numbers.  But what did the non-comics friends make of the scene? Did the out-of-left-fieldness of it throw them off?  No.  The verdict:  “There’s a new story here and I want to know more.”

Bingo.  And that’s what these movies are doing right.  They’re working on enough levels that they appeal to everybody.  Sure, if you know the material you’re going to completely geek out and get all the easter eggs and dropped hints.  But if you don’t, you’re still going to be drawn into it all because these movies have earned our trust and they’re telling freaking good stories.  They’ve given us enough that a new setting intrigues rather than confuses.

I don’t know how it’s possible, but I may be even more excited about upcoming Avengers-related movies than I was a couple of years ago when the first Thor came out.


4 Responses to “Thor: The Dark World”

  1. sef Says:

    I thought: better movie than the first one, despite not having enough Loki machinations. Hiddleston continues to be the best part of it. Best improvement over the first one: Sif and the Warriors Three didn’t make me gag. Jane was a real character, and effective. Excellent combination of humour, action, and drama, so it was FUN.

    I really hated that Odin was such an ass. And I really didn’t like that both movies portray him as a weak, frail leader.

    For us, the Cap’n America 2 trailer was right before the movie started, and I thought this was a mistake — because the trailer had me ever so excited to see that movie that when the real one started, I was briefly disappointed it wasn’t about Cap.

  2. jdtargett Says:

    I think I’m somewhere in the middle too: but what Avengers is doing is getting me excited about the Universe, and wanting to dig into what those easter eggs mean. I never wanted to do that with the X-Men films, or the Batman movies, partly because they came with a sense of being a self-contained unit and with definitely no sense of giving you a peek of what might happen next “issue”.

    Seeing Nick Fury at the end of Iron Man gave us the first inkling of The Avengers Project. They managed to pull it off – and I remember having conversations about whether they could pull it off. I think this easter egg is the taking that ambition to the next level.

    Oh … and the Avengers Project’s biggest advantage over the comics: consistency and continuity and a planned arc. Not years of retcons and a universe that fundamentally doesn’t make sense any more!

  3. Jakk Says:

    Did you know that the Collector, in that sequence, was played by Bencio Del Toro, and you are absolutely correct that it is a lead in to that link you posted. And that Captain America extended trailer was just brilliant, but I *LOVE* that first movie(I even saw the premier in San Diego at Comic-Con that year). I am a life-long Marvel fan, but these movies have actually surpassed my hopes for them. My inner child is going SQUEE too.

    And yes, the Incredible Hulk movie DOES count, and is collected in the Phase One collector set that was released a bit ago, along with Iron Man 1 & 2, Captain America: The First Avenger and Thor.

    Now, if we can get a Hawkeye movie! Or even a Hawkeye/Black Widow movie(Double the fun!).

  4. Jakk Says:

    Oh, and Bradley Cooper as a talking Racoon? 😀 Genius!

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