this week in media consumption

October 25, 2013

How about that Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer?  Yeah, I’ll just be watching that a couple more times today.

Agents of SHIELD is still stumbling along.  I really liked that bionic eye episode — good story there.  My favorite thing is the relationship between May and Coulson and how she’s trying to protect him without looking like she’s protecting him, because she knows something’s wrong.  But gosh, the rest of the cast, the rest of everything — still entirely milquetoast.  So much potential, but the show can’t seem to bring itself to push beyond adequate.

Then I watched Sleepy Hollow because of all the buzz it was getting.  And I was shocked, because I really like it.  Interesting characters, different characters, Clancy Brown, cute scruffy men in period clothing, clever secret histories, actual horror (I think it was the second episode with the witch?  Actually scary!).  It’s another urban fantasy TV series and it’s doing things right.  I’m engaged.  Did I mention cute men in period clothing — speaking Middle English?  (A for effort on including spoken Middle English in a prime-time TV show — especially not calling it “Old English,” which is actually Anglo Saxon.  B minus for accuracy, since there were multiple distinct dialects of Middle English — none of which were spoken in 1590, when the community ostensibly existed, and which was well into the Early Modern period and would have been mostly understandable to modern English speakers.  But hey, Middle English on prime time TV!)  iO9 talks about how to make ridiculous stories great, in reference to Sleepy Hollow.

The time traveler episode of Castle was about my favorite episode in a long time.  Arrow has also started up again, and I’m loving it as much as ever.  Favorite quote so far:  “Mom, will they shoot us if I try to hug you?”

I’ve finally started mainlining the third season of Lexx.  Still loving it, especially because the “Fire and Water” storyline is so very steampunk.  Actual airship pirates!

What I’m reading:  The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater.  Of all the YA books I read last year when I was on the Norton Award jury, many were “Book 1” in a new series.  The only “Book 1” I read where I had any inclination to pick up the sequel was Stiefvater’s The Raven Boys, which is one of the best examples of a multiple p.o.v. ensemble cast of characters I’ve ever read.  I could learn, reading that book.  After reading a bunch of non-fiction and slogging my way through several problematic novels, I really wanted to read something I could dive into and swim around in and play.  The Dream Thieves is it.  This time, I’m loving the language.  She can really put a sentence together.  Deep happy sigh.

I’m saving Iain M. Banks’ The Hydrogen Sonata for my vacation in a couple of weeks.

And that’s what’s on my mind lately.

4 Responses to “this week in media consumption”

  1. Calico Says:

    I finally sat down and watched the pilot to Sleepy Hollow last night, and I was shocked by how much I enjoyed it. I’d heard over and over that the pilot was terrible, but then so much praise for the show after the first episode that I had to give it a go. I’m looking forward to catching up on it now!

    I haven’t read Raven Boys, but I’ve read some of Stiefvater’s other work, and yes, she knows how to put a sentence together. I still need to finish her Mercy Falls trilogy (one book left!), and I’ve read her Scorpio Races, a stand-alone which was quite engaging.

  2. Andrew Says:

    I’ve been enjoying Sleepy Hollow from the start, but I can’t believe Fox took a break from it leading into Halloween. If there’s a show that should have a Halloween episode, it’s Sleepy Hollow.

    I know. It’s because Fox has the World Series and I further know that I would not be complaining if my Dodgers were playing, but still…

    I can’t wait to tense up again every time someone looks in a mirror.

  3. FD Says:

    Sleepy Hollow has been low-ish on my to-watch list, but the good comments it’s been getting are moving it right on up there.
    Right now I’m watching Elementary S2; I actually think it’s better than Sherlock. More interesting and original.
    And Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, both the books and the tv series. They differ just enough that the plots in one version don’t spoil you for the other. I like book Phryne best, she and the plots have sharper edges, but the tv series is beautiful to watch and her unconventionality hasn’t been smoothed out too much.

  4. ArcLight Says:

    Hoping to get a free Saturday soon to go to the church used in the pilot of Sleepy Hollow. Really digging the show and think it’s cool part of it was filmed an easy drive from me.

    It’s funny but while I was woolgathering tonight at work I was trying to figure out what would make Agents of SHIELD work better for me and the first thing that came to mind was make it a Coulson/May show. Keep Fitz and Simmons. Ditch Ward (with May back in the field, who needs him anyway) and make Skye a real, dyed-in-the-wool baddie by the end of the season. For starters.

    Loved the Castle ep and the handling of the time travel. Thought Joshua Gomez as the time traveler was great. He convinced me.

    Not sure about Arrow’s portrayal of Black Canary, tho I did like her sonic ‘Canary Cry’ gadget. We’ll see how it goes, but Canary has always been a favorite of mine (away from Ollie – except for Mike Grell’s run on the series) so I’m hopeful.

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