Agents of SHIELD

September 27, 2013

Possibly the most anticipated new show of the year.  Two Marvel movies a year just isn’t enough for us, is it?  So they gave us a TV series.  Isn’t that nice of them?   Given how much I love the Avengers sequence of movies, I’m sure you’re all wondering what I thought of the show.  Well.  Here it goes.


My hypothesis re: Pacific Rim that a duo of crazy scientists can include a woman scientist and be totally awesome is confirmed.  Huzzah!

Easter eggs.  So many easter eggs.  I regretted not watching this with my comics guru friend because I’m sure I missed a ton of references.

Agent Coulson.

I like that the show is dealing with the existential questions raised by The Avengers.  The whole world knows there are aliens, and that they have it in for us, and where do we go from here?


The banter and patented Joss Whedon one-liners felt awfully forced. Not every conversation has to have a joke in it.

That’s a pretty, pretty cast.  A generically Hollywood pretty cast.  I’m not sure I could pick any of them out of a lineup.   Kind of blah, actually.


Weird world? Don’t you mean strange world?  And a team that goes around trying to keep it that way while opposing a secret power-hungry organization determined to use this alien power for its own nefarious purposes?


So, I liked the show but didn’t love it.  I want to watch a few more episodes and hope they hit their stride. But I admit I’m quite looking forward to seeing where the overall story is going and how they tie it into the movies.  And is Agent Coulson really a life model decoy but he doesn’t know it?  Or is that a red herring?

Man, they totally have my number, don’t they?

9 Responses to “Agents of SHIELD”

  1. WanabePBWriter Says:

    I was surprised we were not given an Avenger cameo in the first episode. Any comments on the Castle premiere?

  2. Becca Says:

    I liked it a lot. Would love Coulson to be something we aren’t expecting.

    My problem was that I had an extremely hard time understanding the two agents with accents, especially the woman.

  3. Sean Eric Fagan Says:

    The dialogue didn’t bother me; every conversation having a joke is a way to indicate a group of people who are comfortable with each other, re-inforcing the idea that some of them have been working together for a long time.

    Mostly, though, I thought it was *bland*. I didn’t get at all into the superhero of the week; the fact that it used the same villain as Iron Man 3 (which, wow, was released on home video *that same day*) bugged me.

    I’ll watch it, because I am Joss’ mare, but it didn’t strike me as particularly interesting. Yet, anyway.

    (That said, Coulson was the best part of it. I always like his relaxed-yet-hypercompetent demeanor.)

  4. I think Coulson being an LMD is plausible, but a little too obvious. I mean, seriously, when has JOSS WHEDON ever been the one to do the obvious thing? Everybody and his uncle is saying “Oh, of course, he’s a Life Model Decoy.” If I were Whedon, just that would be enough to make me figure something else out just to spite them.

    I think whatever the explanation is ties intro Coulson’s catchphrase, “It’s a magic place.” He says that a little bit too often for it not to have some kind of dual meaning. I think he also already knows exactly what he is, for all that everyone else thinks he must never be told. (That speech he made about getting too close to giants costing him everything—why would he say something like that if as far as he knew he was just fine after a little time in Tahiti?) But that knowledge doesn’t bother him, or at least he doesn’t let it stop him from doing his job, because of the kind of person he is. It ties in with his whole ideal about what matters not being what you are, but who you are.

    I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see.

  5. And one more note: I watched this show tonight. I watched it several days after it aired, without having had to remember to tape it. I watched it on a little pane of glass, sitting in my favorite brewpub enjoying a beer, without any wires connecting it to anything. (Well, not counting the power cord, as I was also charging it at the time.)

    I LOVE living in the future!

  6. Carbonman Says:

    I think Joss Whedon is very aware of the expectations viewers have for this show. I hope his writers can keep this series surprising us over the next few episodes and the rest of the season.
    Lola is an homage to Nick Fury’s Ferrari out of the ‘Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ comics of the 60’s.

  7. Jo Anne Says:

    I just watched the first episode. As a non-comic person, I thought it was fun. Mom

  8. pikeamus Says:

    Episode 2 didn’t improve on the first in my opinion – if anything it was weaker. Both have been just good enough but I was expecting more from a new high budget Joss Whedon series to be honest. The tall action-man team member (it’s probably a bad sign that his name hasn’t stuck) is a bit of a cardboard cut out and I’m not finding kung-fu pilot lady sympathetic enough to care to hear her backstory (is it just me or is she just a less likeable version of firefly’s Zoe?) I’m dreading the part where naive idealistic new girl gets the team in trouble by being naive and idealistic.

    FitzSimmons are cool and Coulson is obviously great but the rest of the characters need work.

  9. pikeamus Says:

    Oh, and the technobabble was pretty awful.

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