flood 2

September 16, 2013

Just an update:  I’m still okay.  Many, many people are not.  This is one of those “everybody knows somebody affected” situations.  Happily, I got word that a couple of my friends who live in the mountains are okay.  Stranded, but okay.  The roads are opening.  My niece and sister-in-law are visiting my parents and I’ll get to see them tomorrow.  The ending of the Flash Flood Warning has been a huge mental relief.  We’re still on watch, but it’s not the constant feeling that something terrible is about to happen.

My troubles have been so minor I feel ridiculous even mentioning them.  This is going to take so long and so much effort to recover from, I hardly know where to start.  Well, I started here:  Help Colorado Now.  If you’ve been wanting to know how you could help or where you could donate, please check it out.

Thanks for all the good thoughts and prayers.

3 Responses to “flood 2”

  1. Pat Mathews (major Kitty fan) Says:

    I’m sorry. I clicked your link and got a Google-like page that included links to many pages about Colorado and some about help, but nothing else.

  2. carriev Says:

    Link fixed! Thanks for point it out, and sorry about that. Correct link is here: http://www.helpcoloradonow.com/

  3. smsand Says:

    I’m glad to know you’re okay.

    I remember 13 years ago when Toledo got flooded. The street me and my buddy needed to cross to get home looked like a river. At first we thought we could get across…until we saw a bus literally _floating_ down the street. After seeing that, we decided to head back uphill and wait it out.

    Floods ain’t no joke, that’s for sure.

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