a few notes

September 11, 2013

I’m finishing up the revision of LOW MIDNIGHT today, I hope.  This one’s been a slog.  I added an extra step — outlining the whole thing after the initial revision and reading through it yet again, which was necessary to double check some of the pacing/structure issues.  It also feels like this has taken a long time because I had to stop in the middle for all that traveling.  I’ll be happy getting to work on something else.

Europa Report.  This is an indie SF move that’s been getting great buzz because of its mostly-realistic depiction of space exploration, creative “found footage” approach, and mostly good acting/story.  I finally saw it.  It frustrated me.  (Me, three minutes in:  “It’s the f*cking Blair Witch Project?  Are you kidding me?”)  It frustrated me the same way Moon and Sunshine frustrated me.  (“Hydrazine?  Seriously?”)  They all have the breathless self-importance of a literary novel about a science fictional topic by someone who’s never actually read any science fiction.  The plot and angst and difficulties mostly happen because the characters are dumb.  And yet, we are so desperate for this kind of near-future solar system science fiction that we will put up with it.  It looks good.  Now I want this kind of thing to be competent and interesting.  (Please, Gravity, be good, please please please…)  And now I really want to see 2010 again.  (Me, halfway through Europa Report:  “Europa:  attempt no landings there, bitches!”)

And this week’s Heroes of Cosplay WTF moment:   “I’m not too good at building things like this so I’m going to ask my dad for help.”  (Dad is John Dykstra.)  Me:  “Oh good God, we are so done here.”

4 Responses to “a few notes”

  1. “I’m not too good at building things like this so I’m going to ask my dad for help.” Your dad must be disappointed–“Son, I built the DEATH STAR!” Yeah, I couldn’t show my face after that.

  2. Carrie V. Says:

    It was Chloe Dykstra — who I actually really like on the show because she’s cheerful and her heart is in the right place — but yeah, the “my dad, one of the pioneers of modern visual effects, is helping me with my props” made me fall off my sofa.

  3. Griggk the goblin Says:

    I have less of an issue with Chloe getting her famous dad to help with a prop than I have with Victoria getting her SO to put together her entire dang costume. Well, almost her whole costume. Victoria puts together the pieces that don’t get done in time, or fall off during judging.

  4. Carrie V. Says:

    Yeah, the whole “get boyfriend to do everything” is very annoying.

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