Worldcon, survived!

September 4, 2013

I had a great time.  I managed to keep busy, even with the light programming. Turns out, many people got caught up in the same programming snafu.  I feel much better now.

I met a lot of really great people, some of whom I’ve only ever admired from afar or interacted with online.  Too many to list. (I don’t do the list thing because I’ll leave someone out and feel really bad about it.)

“Astrophilia” missed the Hugo ballot by two nominating votes.  BWAH!  That’s great.  The story is also up for a WSFA Small Press Award.  Go, little story, go!

Handed out a ton of postcards for Dreams of the Golden Age.  I’ve never done postcards for a book before, but it seemed like a good way to say, “Hey, there’s a sequel!”

There was an Artemis rig in the exhibit hall.  But I just suddenly realized that there was also a mock-up of the original Star Trek bridge, and that these two things really should have gone together and it’s a frakking crime that they were not.

I made it to the Women Airforce Service Pilots Museum.

Just a selection of things I brought home:


1.  The book that’s going to help me write more stories about Rick.  I think I’ve mentioned that researching Rick’s early life in colonial Mexico has been a challenge because there’s this 100-year gap in easily accessible history.  Seriously, even the history timeline at the Alamo starts at 1721.  I toured part of the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park, and they had a great book section in the gift store, where I found this.  I can’t wait.

2. I scored an ARC of Paolo Bacigalupi’s new middle grade book.  Woooooooo!

3.  Buttons by Lillian.  Seriously, buttons!  Cool copper enameled steampunk-themed buttons!  I can’t wait to use them.


9 Responses to “Worldcon, survived!”

  1. Margot Says:

    Out of all your ephemera, the buttons got me! I am knitting a hat to make a felted steampunk cloche for my niece for Christmas. Am looking forward to finding the embellishments for it. (Also looking forward to more Rick…)

  2. Janice Says:

    “Zombie Baseball Beatdown” + two boys = a great way to get their 20 minutes a day for the reading logs

  3. Carrie V. Says:

    OMG Janice they’ll love it. Absolutely love it.

    And Lillian’s site is

  4. Janice Says:

    What’s not to love when you combine zombies and baseball?! Two of their favorite things right now.

  5. Griggk the goblin Says:

    Of course, my conspiracy theorist mind is wondering why there’s a century-long gap in history. Who was doing what that they didn’t want recorded.

    Currently contemplating an American Western Steampunk Vampire Hunter costume for Mile-Hi Con. Now you’ve got me thinking in terms of Cormac’s great-great-great grandfather…

  6. Lillian Says:

    I’m so glad you liked the buttons! Gail came by the next day and was very disappointed that you got them before she could.

  7. Earl Says:

    Should of come back to Dragon*Con! 😛

  8. Since Worldcon is in London next year- any chance you’ll be staying in the States and come to Dragoncon instead? Please?? 🙂

  9. carriev Says:

    Well, I’m going to the London Worldcon because I love London too much to miss it. But I think I’m going to shoot for Dragon*Con for 2015. I know it seems far off, but that’s how far out I’m planning these days…

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