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August 5, 2013

Red 2:  What it says on the tin.  I have to say, it’s really nice being able to laugh all the way through a mainstream comedy.  I don’t know what it is about me, but I find machine guns so much more hilarious than, like, your typical scatological humor.

Justified, season 4:  Still loving the writing — mostly.  Still love that Raylan Givens is actually kind of an idiot, but he’s so damned charming everyone puts up with it.  I love that he’s such a bad influence on Tim and Rachel and that drives Art nuts.  It got to where I just busted out crying every time Arlo appeared on screen.  But the show and the story took a serious misstep that has me intensely cranky, and that’s the Ava story.

Serious Spoilers Ahoy!

So.  For four seasons now, we’ve had all kinds of horrible lowlifes blowing each other away with impunity, not worrying about witnesses or snitches or cops or anything.  They just seem able to make the bodies vanish, and the authorities rarely get involved.  This is just what happens in the nasty criminal underworld of Harlan County, the show tells us.  And then Ava blows somebody away, for what was actually a good reason if I recall.  Ellen May — another woman — sees it, and suddenly we spend an entire season worrying about cops, and Ellen May snitching, and Ava getting found out and going to jail, in a way that no other character has worried about any of these things during the entire run of the show.  And yes, I think there’s a gendered attitude going on here.  This leads to previously smart and savvy characters like Boyd doing all kinds of ridiculous, stupid, out-of-character things.  I’m like, “So what if they find the body in the mineshaft?  She used a freaking shotgun and there’s no physical evidence connecting Ava to the body!  And any competent defense attorney is going to completely destroy Ellen May’s credibility as a witness in, oh, thirty seconds of testimony.  What are they worried about?

Well, it turns out the story wanted to hurt Boyd.  Because it’s very clear by the end of the episode that the story is less interested in how all this affects Ava than it is in how Ava getting arrested is going to affect Boyd.  The story here isn’t Ava getting arrested — it’s Boyd failing to protect Ava.  Which means the show up and fridged Ava without actually killing her.  Yeah, I’m kind of pissed off about that.

Doctor Who:  So, how about that new Doctor?  Very safe choice, isn’t it?  (grumble)


5 Responses to “2 reviews”

  1. How perfectly you put it, both the first sentence of your Red 2 review and the second sentence of your Doctor Who review. Re: the Doctor, that was precisely what I’ve been thinking but couldn’t translate into words.

  2. g2-f6fb4033f00b8c67a1498842e945ca4c Says:

    I looked at his hand in the ‘live reveal’ show and my first thought was “Oh no, it’s another bloody white bloke isn’t it?” But then I looked at his face and thought “Actually I can see him as the Doctor.”

    Part of me still wishes they’d gone with a woman. Or a non-white person. But although Peter Capaldi might be a safe choice in the wider sense, part of me thinks he’s also likely to be an excellent choice in terms of portraying the role and that’s important too.

  3. Having seen Peter Capaldi before in Neverwhere, the “Fires of Pompeii” episode of Doctor Who, and Torchwood: Children of Earth, I’d say he could be pretty good as the Doctor. He definitely has the ability to convey some of the Doctorly unpredictability that Tom Baker, David Tennant, and even (at times) Matt Smith brought to the table.

    Shame, though, that Matt Smith’s leaving just when I’d gotten used to him.

  4. FD Says:

    My reaction to the new Dr was a sort of sighed ‘more of the same then?’ In retrospect, considering Moffat, I shouldn’t have expected any better.

  5. RobertL Says:

    What I didn’t like about the ending is why was Boyd planning on moving the body in the first place? Drop a few pounds of simtex in the hole and watch the shaft collapse. He is a bomb nut why was this not his first idea?

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