here’s another thing I made!

July 22, 2013

Appearances to the contrary, I’m not that avid of a crafter.  I dabble a lot.  I’ll learn just enough to do a certain project.  I’ve acquired enough craft supplies that I can generally raid them for just about any weird prop or project or thing I want to do, but I’m not really an expert in anything.  I don’t feel confident enough about any of my crafting to actually sell it for money. (I put all that effort into my writing.)  And I definitely don’t go prowling the Internet in search of projects.

But this Beaded Spider project turned up on a friend’s Facebook feed, that she had pinned to Pinterest, and I just had to try it.  Mostly because I have a whole box of beads just sitting there.  Beaded spider, y’all.  How cute.  How pretty.  So, I made one:

bead spider

So awesome!

(I think all this sudden crafting may be further fallout from my writing vacation these last few weeks.  The tactile part of my brain is obviously hungry.  I am feeding it.)


2 Responses to “here’s another thing I made!”

  1. Natasha Hoar Says:

    I rarely say this about spider-related anything, but that is adorable! 😀

  2. wiredwizard Says:

    That’s pretty cool.

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