June 5, 2013

When I first moved here two years ago and did my first round of weeding in the garden, I spotted this weird little plant with palm-like leaves.  It didn’t look like a weed, but it didn’t look like anyone had planted it on purpose, either.  I let it stay, because I was curious.  It grew, but didn’t flower.  The next year, it grew some more, still didn’t flower, and I started to wonder if it really was a weed after all, and maybe I should pull it.  But it grew, and grew, and it still looked kind of cool, with those wild fan-like leaves.

This year, after all the late snows and freezes and a wildly short spring, the weird plant finally flowered, and boy was it worth waiting for:


I’ve also been able to ID it:  Lupine, which seems somehow appropriate.


6 Responses to “garden”

  1. Sean Eric Fagan Says:

    hahaha. Okay, first really big laugh of the day there :).

    Also, it’s rather pretty.

  2. Vickie B Says:

    Thank you for leaving it in the ground! And for sharing the pic. It is gorgeous.

  3. Jane B. Says:

    Oh, yes, splendidly appropriate! Good for you for letting curiosity overrule neatness.

  4. Sooz Says:

    Lupins, in England. Quite common here, and lovely plants to have. My ‘weird-plant’ story is my growing a plant with very symmetrical leaves and, after a while, black berries. One day, after staring at it thoughtfully for a while, I decided to try looking it up. Turned out to be Deadly Nightshade…! I didn’t leave that one in!

  5. Amy Says:

    There is a beautifully illustrated children’s books called Miss Rumphius in which lupines have a starring role.

  6. Jenn Burke Says:

    My kids love the Miss Rumphius book. Lupins are among my all-time favourite flowers, because they remind me of Prince Edward Island. They grow there just like it’s illustrated in the book: everywhere!

    And yes, I imagine the name would give you quite the giggle. Very appropriate!

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