Iron Man 3

May 6, 2013

Whoa….I don’t even… I mean, there’s the thing, and then the other thing, and OMG Ben Kingsley!  And who is that actor….GUY PEARCE?!?  And then…omigosh…I mean…it’s just like….and then the Easter Egg!  And Pepper!  And the Easter Egg!  And….and…and….and the part where they totally subverted that one trope that I can’t talk about because it’s a spoiler, and then they subverted that other trope that’s also a spoiler….and….and I can’t even articulate

I’m fourteen years old and reading my favorite comic book.  That’s what it’s like.

Redacted spoiler!  No really, this is a big one:  As my friend said, it’s like they tried to stuff Pepper in the fridge.  But then Pepper ripped the door off and beat the shit out of the bad guys with it.  Yeah, it’s like that.


15 Responses to “Iron Man 3”

  1. WanabePBWriter Says:

    Great review!! 2D or 3D?

  2. DMS Says:

    Re: Redacted spoiler:

    Yes! I was so angry through the whole sequence leading up to it. If I had been with my husband instead of a bunch of my coworkers, I would have walked the fuck out of the theater and never seen the awesome subversion.

  3. sef Says:

    We liked it a lot.

    It wasn’t brilliant story-telling, but it was competent: guns were places on mantles, in normal, mantley methods, and then were used later.

    Almost everything that happened was telegraphed. But done so competently, and not terribly clumsily.

    Heck, they even managed to use a kid in a pretty realistic way!

    I’m not sure what Easter Eggs you mean, though.

  4. tmycann Says:

    Yup, yes, and FANGIRL! 😀
    We’re talking about going back to see it again we liked it so much. 🙂

  5. C.J. Peter Says:

    Best part of the whole flick was Ben Kingsley. Period. The rest…if you couldn’t see that end coming…you weren’t looking. (regarding your spoiler.)

  6. Vickie B Says:

    It’s interesting how mixed the feelings are about the movie when I talk to people at work. Most really liked it, but one or two were unhappy.
    I enjoyed it. Not as much as II, but still had a good time. My feelings might be tinged as I was watching it after coming off of a mid shift and I might have been comparing it Avengers a bit.
    I did like how it tied in to Tony’s time in New York and showed his human side.

  7. carriev Says:

    Wannabe: I saw 2D. I’m increasingly becoming disenchanted with 3D. Most movies don’t seem to suffer from being in 2D.

    Sef: Easter Eggs: You know to stay all the way through the end of the credits on these, yeah? Otherwise: Google “Science Bros”

    CJ: Of course I saw it coming! The question was just how passive Pepper was going to be through the outcome. Answer: not at all passive, which was absolutely wonderful. (You can tell, some of us area really starved for non-doormat women characters in superhero movies.)

    Vickie: I’ve noticed some unhappy grumbling about this one. All I can figure is some people never got completely fangirl joyous over superheroes ever in their lives.

  8. LupLun Says:

    I liked it, but wound up vaguely disappointed. Not sure why. It might be because I’m burned out on superhero films, or I might still be hungover from Avengers. Or it might be because the film didn’t seem so spontaneous this time around. The first two were mainly improvised from scene summaries, which made for very realistic and human dialog. But the director changed between 2 and 3, and everything seemed a lot more scripted.

    I also couldn’t get over the fact that the plot was driven by Tony doing stupid things. Calling out the bad guy and then taking no steps to secure his home? Letting his suit run out of power when he has an arc reactor grafted into his freaking chest? Storming the castle before the suit’s ready? Neglecting to call in the “house party” until the big climax has already been going on for a while? WTF, Mr. Super-genius?

    Still, I think I got my money’s worth. Good acting, good spoilers, fun night at the movies. ^_^

  9. Sean Eric Fagan Says:

    I watched through the end, yes. I know better than to leave a Marvel film until they have started cleaning up the seats! 🙂

    I had done a VERY good job of avoiding spoilers. So I knew Ben Kingsley would be in it, and playing the Mandarin, and that’s about all I knew. So the nice little extra scene at the end, I knew there would be one, but not who would be in it. (I was more than half expecting it to be someone else, honestly, but I still laughed at this. The part is played beautifully!)

    But you mentioned easter egg more than once, so I’m wondering if I missed one. (Actually, I take that back: I know I missed a whole bunch of references. But, then, I know I will be getting this movie on bluray, and I expect the internet to have catalogued all the things I should look for by then :).)

  10. Sean Eric Fagan Says:

    sigh, missed-posted too soon: LupLan, I thought about that. I wouldn’t say it was Tony’s stupidity, but rather his arrogance. Which was so huge and plot-driving it deserved its own screen credit.

    The thing is, that level of arrogance is completely in-line with the character. This is a guy who zapped the freaking Hulk just to see how he would react, secure in the knowledge he could deal with it. Of course he would invite the villain to attack his house — even without the suit, he’s a genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist, how could he not be able to deal with it? And so forth.

  11. carriev Says:

    Only one Easter Egg, but exciting enough to mention twice!

  12. Kathryn Says:

    Saw it a couple of weeks ago (LOVE the fact that Marvel release films in the UK before the US, it’s usually the other way around) – I knew you’d have fangirl joy!

  13. Sean, I’m with you: I agree a driving force of 3 was definitely not Tony’s stupidity (he really is generally not stupid), but rather his arrogance (which can be stupid, but in a different WAY, though :D). Although — I found your take on it all interesting, ‘coz I looked at some of it from just a slightly different line.

    That thing in Avengers where Tony gives Bruce a little electrical zap is actually one of my favorite moments of the movie — and it’s in large part because, to me, that moment isn’t actually about Tony’s arrogance (or even his curiosity). I don’t think Tony zapped Bruce to see how Bruce would react; I think Tony was trying to send Bruce a message. Tony has just invited Bruce to Stark Tower to play with all the R&D toys; Bruce declines, explaining with a kind of quiet misery that the last time he went to NYC, “I sort of broke Harlem.” Tony promptly responds, “Well, don’t worry; we’ll keep it a low-stress environment for you” — and then zings Bruce in the side. And I think it’s a message: “Listen, Kid: I’m not scared of you. I’m not scared of being *around* you. I’m comfortable enough around you, in fact, to kid you about the ‘dangers’ of you turning into the Hulk, because I don’t think you’re dangerous at all. I’m not scared and tiptoeing like everyone else because I think you’re _more_ than that.” Bruce’s face when Tony shocks him is an expression of pure delight. If Bruce had suspected that Tony just wanted to see whether he (Bruce) would wig out or not, I don’t think Bruce would have been delighted, I think he’d have been angry or disgusted or at least exasperated. But he was _delighted_, and I think it’s because he got what Tony was saying: “I am completely at ease around you.” (And Tony is probably the first person to send that message in, y’know, a long time.) I really don’t think it was arrogance; I think it was a kindness. (It was so important to Tony, throughout the movie, that Bruce realize that he was _more_.)

    The thing about sort of giving his own home address out to a supervillain, though — arrogance was definitely a part of it, but I _think_ it also had to do with pure frustration. Part of the driving force of panic attacks (I speak with first-hand authority, I assure you ;-)) is that you’re desperate for control (of your feelings, of your surroundings, of your situation; take your pick). The Mandarian’s murdering people left and right and Tony, already not in a good place, simply snaps; so determined to feel in control, to GET control, over what’s happening, he allows himself to surge with enough arrogance to issue the Mandarian a challenge that includes his own home address. (Arrogance is certainly a part of anxiety/panic-attacks: “I can control this! I can control my feelings! I can control EVERYTHING!!”)

    … so, apparently I totally agree with you about the arrogance behind sharing his personal contact info with a supervillain but felt the need to delve into where I think that arrogance comes from?? Maybe I find it soothing to think about a superhero with panic attacks and being able to relate. 😉 I was filled with a kind of rising dread when Tony starts rattling off his street address — but like you, it wasn’t SHOCKING. Because it fit the character … where he was in that moment.

    … I get to go see it again after work; 5 p.m. is not gonna come soon enough today, is it??

  14. carriev Says:

    Pamela, those are wonderful readings!

  15. kyle Says:

    Finally saw Iron Man 3. Liked it a lot. Including its sense of humor, and its mostly non-hyper action. And new twists like the upgraded armor recall function.

    Audio nit #1 Does every trailer and every movie have to have the same Bam Ba-Bam Bam Bam-Bam drum chorus over and over? I want to take those drummers’ drums away from them!

    Bad guys nit: The motivation of large crews of “lesser” bad guys behind the main bad guy in most movies sticks out, not making sense to me, like Die Hard Live Free and Iron Man 3 for example. IM3 takes pains to explain one “minor” bad guy’s motivation (Ben Kingsley’s) but what about the other dozens or hundreds?

    Audio nit #2 IM1 ended with Black Sabbath, IM2 with AC/DC. IM3 ended with … muzak?

    Finally also wondered about the invention of “weapons” stronger than the current IM. Is that just going to be papered over in the next installment?

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