April 22, 2013

I’m back from Starfest!  Thanks again to the folks at Horrorfest for inviting me, and to Ron and Nina for selling books, and for everyone who came out to visit.  A lot going on, a lot on my mind.  Some of the highlights:

Horrorfest ran a “Face Off” style makeup competition — four competitors, one theme, 2 hours, go!  This is their second year doing it, and it’s hugely successful.  My favorite thing about it is the constant messaging from the hosts:  you can do this, anyone can learn to to this, this is accessible.  Yay, art!

I got to see Ben Browder’s Q&A.  I hardly ever get to go to these because I’m either cross scheduled, or the event room gets too crowded.  He was excellent, personable and engaging, and a true geek.  He told stories of his very young children coming to the set of Farscape and “talking” with Rigel.  He also said that this con is the closest he’s ever seen to DragonCon, at a smaller scale.  I’ve only been to DragonCon once, but I concur.

The ratio of people in costumes to not just keeps going up.  At one point on Saturday, I think half the people I saw were in some kind of costume.  I love this.

I haven’t really heard anything that’s inspiring me to run out and see Oblivion, alas.

I signed lots of books and talked to lots of folks about books.  Met both new fans and old.  Hooray!

I was gifted a magnificent KNOB DJ setup, including vintage microphone and “London Calling” on vinyl, by the talented and generous Zoo.  Pictures later when I’ve gotten myself better sorted than I am now.  (Still catching up on sleep and work stuff.)

And now, onward!


4 Responses to “recap”

  1. WanabePBWriter Says:

    I read the plot synopsis for Oblivion on IMDB, and had a bet with myself that I would not be seeing your review anytime soon.

  2. kyle Says:

    even though i have loved more than a few scifi/fantasy books and movies, i’ve never ever been to a convention. I don’t think i could handle it :0
    am passing on Oblivion. Saving instead for Iron Man 3, Star Trek into Darkness and (shortly) Trance.

  3. David Bowles Says:

    All my pennies are going for Kick Ass 2 🙂 I don’t know if Hit Girl is appropriate or not, but I find the whole concept very entertaining. Which is more than I can say for a lot of Hollywood schlock.

  4. Tim Schmidt Says:

    I did go see Oblivion and enjoyed it. It wasn’t a fun movie like Hansel & Gretel but had its moments. I thought I’d figured out the plot twists from the previews and I was right about the ones I saw but there were a bunch more that I didn’t see coming.


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