April 19, 2013

This weekend is Starfest in Denver.  After taking a break last year, I’m back, at least for Saturday and Sunday.  Hey look, I just found the schedule!  This means I can figure out if I’ll have the opportunity to see Ben Browder.  Because Ben Browder is also going to be there!  Squee!

What I’ll be doing at the con:  as usual, I’m one of the guests at HorrorFest, the celebration of all things horrifying tucked away in the back corner of the Marriott.  It’s a great crew and a great party.  I’ll be on a couple of panels and I have a couple of signings scheduled.  Who Else Books will have my books for sale.  Other than that, I’ll be in the dealer’s room, shopping; or in the bar, drinking.  After an emotionally intense and news-laden week, this seems like a really good weekend to be escaping into another world, doesn’t it?

2 Responses to “Starfest!”

  1. perditionbound Says:

    Hopefully I’ll have an opportunity to meet you and grab a signed copy of one of your works. Hopefully it’ll be an entertaining weekend for you. 🙂

  2. Janet Says:

    I wish you a fun weekend at Starfest. Once again, since my husband’s job has taken us to Australia (such a hardship 🙂 ) I will be missing Starfest in Denver. I did get a chance to meet Ben Browder in Melbourne last December at Gateway to Sanctuary 2 though. I hope you get to meet him.
    I wanted to tell you of an experience I had at the Melbourne SupaNova Convention. They had several authors there signing their books, I happened to have “Kitty Rocks the House” in my hand -caught reading in line again- When Marianne De Pierres spotted it and proclaimed I love Carrie Vaughn! I just wanted to let you know that even on the other side of the world your work is loved!
    Thanks for the great stories that allow us to escape, at least for a short while, the violence of this world.

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