happy Monday….?

April 15, 2013

It’s snowing.  What a spring we’ve been having, a snowstorm a week for like six weeks now.  My crocuses bloomed, then froze…  After a weekend of t-shirts, my snuggly sweater feels itchy.  Sigh.

It’s also Tax Day here in the U.S.  My mother’s a CPA, and I spent eight years as an administrative assistant in a tax prep office.  Given that background, here’s the most important thing I’ve learned about tax returns:  get them done as early as possible.  It’s the only way.  Mine were done at the beginning of March.

The Cormac novel is past 40,000 words now.  I’m at the messy middle part, where I have to stop and revise everything I’ve already done in an attempt to figure out where I need to go from here.  I even had a big outline for this one, dammit, and I still have to stop!  Every single time!

With the snow, this sounds like a good day to stay inside and muddle through it.  *rolls up sleeves*

3 Responses to “happy Monday….?”

  1. Joe D Says:

    love hearing about snow I do not have to experience. I also like and aprove of your new ad thingy.

  2. Joe D Says:

    but the ad only shows up first time you comment or when you come to site from email

  3. Carrie V. Says:

    I have adblock on my computer, I had no idea there was an ad thingy… huh…

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