the current batch of research

March 20, 2013

Usually, research is a lot of fun.  Digging up unusual information, finding cool little gems, generally learning more about the world so I can make my stories richer and more real.  Sometimes, though, it’s kind of a drag, not because it’s tedious or there’s a lack of information, but because of the subject matter.  Recently, I’ve been researching the current rise of militia movements.  There’s enough overlap between militia movements, white supremacist groups, and other realms of violence and hate, that the reading gets pretty grim.  Especially when I think about how this isn’t history, this isn’t happening in some far off place or time.  It’s right here, right now.

But even this kind of research has its moments.

One difference between the 1990’s militia movements and the current resurgence?  Some militia groups now have Facebook pages.  Open to the public Facebook pages.  With pictures of their latest deep-woods training expedition.  The takeaway:  if you are ranting online about the evils of government surveillance and how the New World Order is coming to take your guns and put you in a concentration camp, perhaps you best not do it on a site where you have posted pictures of yourself and granted easy public access to your home address.   I mean, y’all are doing the FBI’s work for them!



7 Responses to “the current batch of research”

  1. Jenn Burke Says:

    Maybe I’m a bit twisted, but this made me laugh. You’re absolutely right. Having a public Facebook page is kind of the opposite of, you know, being secretive.

  2. James Says:

    The mistake you’re making is to apply logic, common sense and/or intellect to concept of the modern militia. 🙂

  3. Carrie V. Says:

    That’s what I find hilarious about the whole thing — they’re not trying to be secretive! They’re grandstanding! It’s how they recruit! And you just want to tell them, look, if the government were really as oppressive and authoritarian as you’re saying it is, *you would not be able to do what you are doing right now*. There’s a huge amount of cognitive dissonance going on.

  4. max Says:

    so you’re doing research for “Kitty Goes to Idaho”? 😀

  5. Carrie V. Says:

    More like, “Cormac runs into some folks from the bad old days and realizes he really ought to just turn around and walk away.”

  6. Jenn Burke I’m with you. I smiled, very wide as I read this. A variation of 5 seconds of fame via a Facebook pic for them.

  7. The revolution will be “liked,” then? 😛

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