February 25, 2013

We finally had a real honest-to-goodness blizzard over the weekend, with snow and wind and drifts and everything.


This is fantastic.  It’s a huge relief, in fact.  In the past we’ve had two or three of these big snows each winter, along with at least one really big snow, that gets measured in feet.  For my area of Colorado, the Front Range, this is our first big snow of the year.  Everything else has been a dusting, or a couple of inches at most.  We’re so dry, so drought-stricken, we needed this very badly and I’d been starting to think we wouldn’t get it.  Which would make next summer’s fire risk even worse than last year’s.  And last year’s was so very bad.

As it is, I’ve taken “water trees” off my to do list, which is nice.  But if we could get one more of these big snows in before spring, that would be even better.  It’s not unheard of — Starfest in April nearly got snowed out a few years ago.  Fingers crossed.

The Oscars:  I wouldn’t mind them cutting off acceptance speeches so rudely quite as much if it wasn’t so blazingly obvious that the actors are exempted from the time limit.


3 Responses to “finally”

  1. Adam. Says:

    The ig Nobel awards ceremony gives each laureate a few minutes for their speech.

    If they overrun they’re interrupted by “Miss Sweetie Poo”.

    It seems to work

  2. Carrie V. Says:

    They used the Jaws theme this year. I preferred it when the orchestra just cued up the next musical bridge.

    And like I said, the time limit does not seem to be uniform across the various categories. Daniel Day Lewis can wax poetic as long as he like, but the category with four teammates winning and only enough time for each of them to say their parents and spouses names, but not their kids — not so much.

  3. Thomas Stacey Says:

    Yes this snow has been fantastic considering we have been so dry lately. This is my first really big storm living in Denver, so it’s been neat, but somewhat a lot of work digging out the driveway and sidewalks and such.

    The only really not fun part is last night my friend picked me up so we could go hang out and we got stuck trying to get out of the driveway. We ended up getting his friend who lives down the street to tow him out.

    Here’s to hoping for more snow!

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