Filling the Well

post weekend recovery


I had a busy weekend.  Yes, another one!  (SCA event this time — a good friend of mine was admitted to the Order of the Pelican. Wooo!)  As a result, I’m a bit scattered today and trying to get my desk in order.  So many projects!  So much to do!  So exciting!  I’m looking forward to the next few weeks of mostly unscheduled time to really get down to work.  (I’m close to 10,000 words into the new novel, which is when it really starts feeling like a new novel.  Exciting!  Did I mention exciting?)  Anyway, not much in the way of blogging material right at the moment.  So, here is some music I’ve been listening to.

Pandora Celtica’s winter channel on YouTube.  This is a local a-cappella Celtic/folk/steampunk group.  They’re really good.  They’ll be at AnomalyCon next month — and so will I!

Can’t remember if I’ve ever posted this…but it’s gorgeous.  My imagination really starts bubbling when I listen to this.

This one’s on my space opera playlist.

And this one’s on my epic fantasy playlist.

(Okay, back to work with me!)