adventures in in-flight entertainment

February 13, 2013

I rarely watch the in-flight movie unless I have my own TV screen and can pick what I want to watch.  Usually, the in-flight movie is a Kate Hudson romcom, which just no.  On the flight to Maui, I did my usual thing, ignore the in-flight movie, plug in my earbuds and pick up a book.  But I can never, never not sneak a peek at the overhead screen.  Sometimes, I’ll even try to see how much of the film I can figure out in 30-second snippets with no sound.  (This is surprisingly easy to do with lots of movies.  Especially Kate Hudson romcoms.)  So here is what happened.

This was a movie starring Richard Gere, with lots of white men in suits Talking About Things.  It’s a White Men In Suits Talk About Things movie.  Very tedious, so I didn’t pay very much attention to it at all.  But then I glanced up…AND THERE’S TIM ROTH.  TIM ROTH IS IN THIS MOVIE AND NOBODY TOLD ME.  So I watched the rest of the movie, without sound, because I just can’t look away from Tim Roth.  Seriously.  (Unless it’s Lie to Me.  I had to stop watching Lie to Me.  Sorry, Mr. Roth.)

Not only is it Tim Roth, it’s Tim Roth playing a surly detective.  You can tell he’s surly because he has challenging facial hair and wears his badge on his belt.  And he kind of strolls around his scenes, glaring with interest at people.  He’s not just a surly cop — HE’S COLUMBO.  There exists in the world a movie in which Tim Roth is channeling Columbo — how did I not know about this!?!

So for the first time ever, I looked up an in-flight movie to see what it was so I can possibly go watch it, with the sound, later.  The movie is called Arbitrage, and my question to all of you is:  is it worth watching?  Or was my way of experiencing it better?


One Response to “adventures in in-flight entertainment”

  1. John Shearer Says:

    It definitely is worth watching. Besides Tim Roth channeling Columbo, it has a great performance from Richard Gere. I may not completely understand all the financial chicanery that is going on, but the film does a great job of making you root for Gere’s character, even though he’s essentially reprehensible.

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