the post where I talk about works by others you might nominate for awards, should you choose

January 14, 2013

This post is for people eligible to nominate works for the Nebulas (active members of SFWA) or the Hugos (attended Worldcon last year, or will be attending this year and have already purchased your membership).

I’m mostly putting up this post because I’m actively campaigning to get Something Else Besides Doctor Who on the Best Dramatic Short category in the Hugo.  So many works are eligible, there are so many good shows, good webisodes, good creative work being done.  And seriously, Doctor Who just isn’t what it was five years ago, and can we please move on?  So what am I going to be nominating?

“Happy Birthday, David.”  Prometheus may have bombed, but this promo video is still astonishing, a two and a half minute bit of flash fiction on video that illuminates the emotional uncanny valley.  It’s creepy, intriguing, and I love it.

“Absolut Greyhound.”  I ought to be embarrassed recommending a vodka commercial for the Hugo, but I’m not, because this is another astonishing bit of flash fiction on video:  a complete story about a certain kind of technology and the culture around it.  Decadent and gorgeous.

Other categories:

Best Dramatic Long: I just want to remind everyone about Chronicle, the amazing Wild Cards-like found footage superhero flick from earlier in the year.  I’ll also probably nominate Battlestar Galactica:  Blood and Chrome, which hit all my big spaceship SF buttons and mostly did a great job, despite a mis-step in the plot. (Notice how them sleeping together didn’t actually change a darned thing and made little sense and didn’t need to happen?)

And a couple of recommendations for best Novel:

Three Parts Dead by Max Gladstone.  I talked a lot about this novel at cons last year, pretty much on any panel where someone asked how important it is to stick to strict genre categories, because this proves that good story trumps any kind of marketing category.  Write a good book, the publisher will find a way to sell it.  This one got marketed as urban fantasy, with the hot chick with a weapon on the cover.  But it’s also a post-apocalyptic fantasy with gods that’s also a legal thriller.  It’s pretty much unlike anything you’ve read.

Caliban’s War by James S.A. Corey, because I’m a fangirl of this series. 

Seraphina by Rachel Hartman.  Something I’ve learned with all the young adult books I’ve been reading over the last year:  there really are some SF&F readers who refuse to read YA because they think it’s beneath them.  And there really are YA fans who won’t read SF&F because they think it’s beneath them.  So SF&F YA really gets the short end of the stick, and what that means is a lot of people are missing out on books that they’d really enjoy.  Like Seraphina, a traditional fantasy with dragons, great worldbuilding, a complex society and politics, that’s also a book about passing.  If you love Robin McKinley and Patricia McKillip, you should read this book.  Don’t overlook it just because it’s labeled as YA.

More as I think of them…I’m woefully behind on reading shorter fiction this year.  We’ll see if I can catch up.

5 Responses to “the post where I talk about works by others you might nominate for awards, should you choose”

  1. Shara @ Calico Reaction Says:

    AMEN to your “Something Else Besides Doctor Who on the Best Dramatic Short category in the Hugo” Campaign. I’ll drink to that until I pass out!

    Did you see this short film posted on last year called SIGHT? It was quite chilling, and I thought it would make a fine addition to the ballot:

    And thank you for posting this entry, btw. Your recommendations for best novel, save for Corey because I’ve already read it, have got me wanting to read them before I submit my nominations!

  2. Carrie V. Says:

    Corey also has a novella out this year, “Gods of Risk,” which is something of an afterward to Caliban’s War and available as an ebook. Recommended!

    And thanks for the link! There seem to be enough of us on the “No Doctor Who this year” bandwagon, we might make it happen.

  3. Sean Eric Fagan Says:

    You know, even with me attempting to use tags and LJ entries to keep track of what I read and saw this year, coming up with nominations is HARD.

    I had managed to completely forget that Chronicle was only last year, for example! (And it’s my favourite genre movie in a while.)

    Three Parts Dead is an amazing story about forensic accounting. That alone makes it deserve a nomination!

  4. […] be pleased if you would consider nominating it.  Don’t take my word for it—ask Carrie Vaughn, or the Book Smugglers.  Also, I’m eligible for the John W. Campbell Best New Writer award […]

  5. […] tired of the show dominating the category. Carrie Vaughn, who actually watches the show, is tired of it too, so I’m not THAT […]

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