Emmy’s first birthday

January 9, 2013

My niece Emmy turns one today.  One of my jobs as Emmy’s bohemian aunt is to make things for her.  Especially when her parents find pictures of cool baby things online.  They send links to me and say, “Hey, you should do this.”  Last fall Deb put in a request, and I complied, so this is what Emmy’s getting for her birthday:


You’ve probably seen fancier versions of this out and about online.  I didn’t make a super-fancy version because Emmy is one and will outgrow it in approximately three minutes, at her current rate of growth.  I did, however, make this as super-adjustable as I could, with an extendable elastic waist and a larger-than-needed T-shirt size, with the idea that she should be able to still get into it around Halloween time.

I’m hoping to have pictures of her wearing this soon.

4 Responses to “Emmy’s first birthday”

  1. Nonny Says:

    Perfect! 😀

  2. Janet Says:

    WOW ! That is great!

  3. That is just toooo cute.

  4. musicalmom Says:

    Carrie, you are so clever – and good with the sewing machine! That costume is super cute and Emmy is very lucky to have an Aunt like you.

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