December 31, 2012

A very Happy New Year to you.

Originally, I wrote a big long post about my thoughts on the passing year and what I’d like for the coming year.  But it was long, and maudlin, with lots of writerly angst, and angst about turning 40 next month, because it turns out I’m ending the year in one of my maudlin moods rather than one of my good moods.  So I deleted it all, and instead I’m going to show you something my Mom and Dad got me for Christmas:


Yeah, that made me smile.

13 Responses to “2012/2013”

  1. missraye Says:

    yep… 40 I’m heading there too… just about a month later… give mom and dad a thumbs up for the gift… truly wonderful… and words to live by 😀

  2. That would make me smile, too. What a wonderful gift.

  3. I thought 40 was so awesome, I’m looking forward to 50. 🙂 You’ll kick 2013’s butt, my friend.

  4. Janice Says:

    Forty is okay. I’m even saying that with confidence. And remember, it’s just a number. No one says you have to act your age.

  5. ArcLight Says:

    Growing older is okay. Just put off growing up as long as you can.

  6. Larisa Says:

    Forty was a fabulous year, building off a solid foundation of work and adventures in my thirties. Excited to see how your creativity will evolve, and what paths your characters will take.

  7. Carrie V. Says:

    Thanks for the comments!

    I’m absolutely certain the best years are yet to come. Hard to see that day to day sometimes, but it’s true!

  8. Mom Says:

    I’m glad you like it!

  9. Sasha White Says:

    40 ain’t so bad. I’m a few years past that and I say it’s all about attitude.;) Happy New Year, Carrie!

  10. Janet Says:

    My forties have-so far-been the best decade for me, I only have a couple of years to go to hit 50. I know you will do great things in the next decade. Thanks for being you.

  11. Lola Says:

    63 going on 40 going on 5 – time is such a relative concept when you’ve got a good book to read.

  12. Kerry S. Says:

    I hit 40 this fall, and so far it’s been pretty good to me. Looking forward to more wonderful work for you in the new year and the next decade. I’m sure the best is yet to be.

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