Happy Solstice!

December 21, 2012

Happy Solstice!

I think all the presents are acquired and wrapped.  (Niece Emmy’s birthday is in a couple of weeks, and I’m making something for her.  I’m trying to get it done so I can give it to her now, before she goes back to Oregon, but no worries if I don’t.)

The cookies are baked.  (No Colorado pot jokes, please.)

Holiday cards mailed. (Except for a couple the need to go overseas.)

White Christmas watched.  (I heart Danny Kaye.)

Muppet Christmas Carol watched. (This is the very best version, I think. Michael Caine is a genuinely intimidating Scrooge, and it’s got all the wonder, humor, and language of the Dickens original.  What do you mean, you haven’t read the original?  Go read it, now!  It’s short!  You’ll like it!)

I haven’t been to the mall yet.  I like going to the mall at Christmas, not to actually do any shopping, but just to look around and take in the atmosphere.  Maybe Sunday.

Revised Kitty in the Underworld turned in.  Yeeeha!

So, I think I’m just about ready.  I’ve got two parties to go to over the weekend. I plan to enjoy myself immensely.

Oh, and also, for no particular reason: dear Ancient Aliens, I don’t think ancient peoples were quite as stupid as you seem to think they were.

4 Responses to “Happy Solstice!”

  1. Janet Says:

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Jaws Says:

    It could be much worse than Colorado pot jokes.

    At a nameless grocery store near hear (the Bay Area), somebody moved an entire display of Seattle’s Best coffee to a different aisle, next to an endcap of Stoned Wheat Thins.

  3. Rebecca Says:

    Danny Kaye is the reason I re-watch “White Christmas” every year (although usually in the summer – I’m a bit weird that way). The man was a genius.

    Absolutely agree about Caine in “The Christmas Carol”. ^_^

    Personally, I try to avoid shopping after the 20. if possible – all those last-minute-present-hunters go on my nerves…

    Have a great time and enjoy the holidays!

  4. Leah Says:

    Muppet Christmas Carol is my favorite holiday movie ever! I love that you love it, too.

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