I have discovered something amazing!

December 10, 2012

So, Eartha Kitt.  She was amazing, wasn’t she?  And not just for playing Catwoman on the old Batman TV series. (And Yzma in the Emperor’s New Groove.  Oh, my goodness!  Please tell me that someone somewhere has film of Kitt and Patrick Warburton recording those scenes.  Well, close enough.)

She has a couple of really famous songs, one of which gets a huge amount of airplay this time of year.  This song, in fact:

And I suddenly have to wonder:  does “Santa, Baby” actually go with “I Want to be Evil?”

You put them together, these two songs tell the story of a woman who had very high hopes for the holidays and did her best to live up to those hopes.  But she was disappointed.  Terribly disappointed.  So disappointed, she only had one recourse:  become a supervillain.

My goodness, do I love Christmas

8 Responses to “I have discovered something amazing!”

  1. The first time I saw her was as Freya in Erik the Viking and I fell in love with the raspy voice. Then I heard her singing in French and my heart was lost. 🙂

  2. Donna _A Says:

    I haven’t heard I want to be evil in forever. Thanks for reminding me of it. She was an incredibly talented woman.

  3. max Says:

    She’s always been top-flight wow. Talented, beautiful, elegant, charismatic. Almost enough to make a guy wish he’d been born in ’28 instead of ’68.


  4. atnggnta Says:

    Ms. Kitt’s Santa Baby is one of my all time favorite Christmas songs… the way she infuses it with her lovely purr. A (Cat)woman for the ages…

  5. Vorkosigrrl Says:

    For me, the Christmas season doesn’t start until I hear a radio station pay her version of Santa Baby. Madonna can’t hold a candle to her. My husband and I saw her in concert a few years back, when she was in her 80’s. Not much was left of the voice, but oh, my, the charisma! Amazing.

  6. Vorkosigrrl Says:

    I just watched the video. Wow, what’s with the female impersonators? LOL.

  7. carriev Says:

    They’re gorgeous, dahling!

  8. Tori Says:

    She’ll always be Lady Hackmore from Ernest Scared Stupid to me…. 🙂

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