then this happened…

December 7, 2012

Once in an interview I was asked how I handled writing explicit sex scenes.

And I thought, Ask me how I know that you haven’t actually read my books.

So, how is your Friday going?

9 Responses to “then this happened…”

  1. WanabePBWriter Says:

    “You know that Conway Twitty song When we get behind closed doors. That’s one of my favorite songs.” John Cusack Hi-fidelity.

    Friday is always good as its Friday. Being a fulltime writer cannot any day be a Friday?

  2. LupLun Says:

    I have just realized that it is nearly impossible to find a love song on the radio that is not lyrically describing either a hopelessly dysfunctional and/or abusive relationship, or a breakup.

    Other than that, not too bad.

  3. Larisa Says:

    Thank you for that delicious laugh. The lack of explicit sex is part of why I *love* your books.

  4. musicalmom Says:

    Ditto what Larisa said.

  5. Griggk the goblin Says:

    I’ve always wondered about the mentality behind the need for explicit sex scenes. I mean, eating is just as much a biological necessity as procreation, but no one feels compelled to write bite-by-bite descriptions of a meal…

  6. smsand Says:

    “I’ve always wondered about the mentality behind the need for explicit sex scenes.”

    More often than not, it’s much more fun to write than it is too read. Yet in visual-based media it ends up much more fun to watch than to actually make (go figure). Same goes with scenes of graphic violence.

  7. Carrie V. Says:

    I think explicit sex scenes are fine if it fits the tone and story of the book. Lots of people sure like reading them (50 shades of what?)

    I learned early on that such scenes really don’t fit the tone of the Kitty books AT ALL. (I even tried once. And then Kitty fell off the sofa and hit her head on the coffee table. And I said, right, I can see how this is going to go, and deleted the scene.) And I’m way more interested in writing action/adventure anyway.

    I’m really grateful for all my readers who’ve told me they appreciate the lack of sex scenes. There’s a lot of pressure in urban fantasy to include sex, and I haven’t had to deal with that because of you all. 🙂

  8. The problem I have with most of the Urban Fantasy genre is the it should really be called Supernatural Porn. I had to stop reading the Anita Blake series _because_ of all the sex. I for one greatly appreciate the lack in your books, so please – carry on. 🙂

  9. Adam. Says:

    Griggk, Robert B Parker was quite prone to excessive descriptions of meals. Even read any of the Spenser books?

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