what I’m reading now

December 5, 2012

I’m reading a lot right now.  I finished Bujold’s new Vorkosigan book, Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance, the long promised “Ivan” book, in three days.  It was adorable and hilarious.  That may be the last of my fun reading for a few weeks, though I have some newish Erikson and Esslemont that I’m saving for Christmas.

I’m also working hard to catch up on my reading as part of this year’s Norton Award jury.  I don’t want to talk too much about that until the reading period ends.  Boy, there are a lot of young adult and middle grade books out there.

The third bit of reading:  I’m launching into research for the next Kitty book, which is actually going to be a Cormac book.  Or Cormac and Amelia is probably more accurate.  I’m delving into the history of the Front Range in the nineteenth century, and associated folklore, particularly Native American lore.

Here’s a snippet from my reading, taken from Images of America: Manitou Springs: “For entertainment in early Manitou Springs, nothing could beat the Park Skating Rink…Both sexes enjoyed the activity: men because they could catch the glimpse of a lady’s ankle during a tumble, and women because they could ask a gentleman’s aid in getting up. The local newspaper claimed that the falls at the park could outdo those at Niagara.”

I kinda want to go skating now.


3 Responses to “what I’m reading now”

  1. I’ve been looking at that new Bujold book, I guess I’ll have to move it to the top of my pile now!

    Oh, a Cormac book!! Can’t wait!!!!!!

  2. Trouble Sturm Says:

    You should talk to Doug and Duncan if you want some more interesting mining oriented historical stories. Duncan likely knows lots of Manitou Springs region ghost stories and other interesting stories regarding the Sanatorium/TB clinics there.

    Also, did I ever tell you about the “Vampire grave” in the Louisville cemetery? My old neighbor in Erie, and her friends, used to search for it and scare each other scary stories about it when she was a little girl. We did find the grave… It’s inside a bush, near the trunk. It’s flat, sort of worn, and the name appears Romanian.

    She used to tell me some fun stories about things that happened near the 1920’s near Erie. There was apparently a gun duel at high noon on old main street around that time frame. Sort of a love triangle gone badly.

  3. Rebecca Says:

    I have a feeling that I’m going to love the next “Kitty”-book… ~_^

    Seriously, I’m a Cormac fan and I adore the whole idea with Amelia – I’m very much looking forward to this!

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