what TV I’m watching now

November 12, 2012

I’m a little bit amazed at how much TV I’m not watching at the moment.  So many genre shows are on — and successful — right now, and I’m not watching any of them.  Not Grimm, not Once Upon a Time, or The Walking Dead, or 666 Park Avenue, or American Horror Story.   I haven’t tried Revolutions and I’ve not heard anything about it that would make me want to.  I saw a preview for an episode of Last Resort where everybody gets infected with some kind of mad-making disease and thought, Wow, they’re having to do The Naked Time already?  So yeah, just not all that excited about TV right now.  I haven’t even caught up on this season’s Doctor Who.  Because I’m still not real crazy about Matt Smith’s Doctor.  Sorry.

There are exceptions.

Arrow.  I didn’t expect to like this, but I’m finding it adorably charming.  Superhero action and family drama. Likable characters and relationships.  At least one plot twist that surprised even me.  I know, right?  In fact, a couple of episodes ago I couldn’t stop giggling because I just kept thinking, “OMG, this is like something I would write!”

Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome.  Right now, it’s a web show, but I think it might migrate to SyFy in the future.  I haven’t been bothered to dig up the info.  But holy cow, I loved this with big big big floaty hearts.  Military SF, the way BSG was so good at at the start.  And we get to see Galactica in her prime, her decks filled with personnel, racks and racks of Vipers at the ready, a whole fleet of ships around her.  Wow.  And then young Adama does a walk-around and checklist on his Raptor, which I don’t think I’ve ever seen on a science fiction show.  Pure love.

Castle.  Still watching.  The SF convention episode last week was just darling.  It appears the series will survive Beckett and Castle hooking up.  Huzzah!

And on DVD:

Justified.  This was one I would never have watched if a friend hadn’t handed me the DVD set and made me watch.  Really well written, intriguing characters.  Good stuff.  And now I can tell people that Boyd Crowder is the kind of guy Cormac was hanging out with he was 19 or so.

Lexx.  I’m in the second season and still super impressed with just how off the rails this thing is.  It’s crazy.  And it successfully embraces and utilizes the crazy.  I was a really long way into it before I realized:  this is a space opera with hardly any metal in it.  How cool is that?


8 Responses to “what TV I’m watching now”

  1. Doruk Says:

    Matt Smith is the best Doctor 😛 (your results may vary).

    I checked the first few episodes of Arrow as well, and it IS surprisingly interesting indeed, what’s up with that??? Though I suspect, if they end up going that route at all, that I will have a hard time accepting a woman that skinny as Black Canary 😛

  2. Sean Eric Fagan Says:

    I, on the other hand, watch many. And it’s hard to get me to stop, stubborn person that I am.

    Last Resort had a fantastic pilot, they haven’t managed that level again. There’s so much stupid in it I’m not sure why I keep watching.

    I’d been watching 666 Park Avenue, but last night the recording didn’t work (no signal from the transmitter, for some reason), and… I don’t care.

    Arrow annoys me a lot. The lead actor can’t. He smirks when telling deeply moving and heart-wrenching snippets of his past. And he’s an uninteresting Batman. But, wow, some of the supporting actors are great — Colin Salmon, Paul Blackthorne (as usual), and David Ramsey in particular.

    Have you seen Person of Interest? It’s very much Batman, and I enjoy it. (More than a tad violent, but, as I said — Batman.)

  3. JeffW Says:

    I’ve been wondering what you thought of the SciFi convention episode of Castle.

  4. I get what you mean about Matt Smith’s Doctor (David Tennant will always be the best Doctor in my eyes), however it is worth watching the new series, if only for Amy and Rory.

  5. brendab Says:

    justified is the bestest ever. favorite line ever “I’ve got a large tank Raylan, It does save on gas.”. Castle is about the only show I watch religiously, especially with cameo Quark appearences. Would watch Arrow if it was on demand, to lazy to hook up the computer to the TV and watch it from the CW website. Tom Baker is the best DR Who ever. PERIOD. I do like Christopher Ecleston and David Tennent secon and third though. Matt Smith can be forth.

  6. Mackenzie Kelley Says:

    Once is fantastic. But i understand it doesn’t appeal to everyone.

  7. Jazz Let Says:

    Yes, Tom Baker was a great Doctor, but Jon Pertwee beats him everytime! Which definitely shows my age 😉

    The only fiction I’m watching at all is Haven. Waiting for Castle to start up again here, they’re not even saying when it will yet.

  8. kim Says:

    Ooh, Lexx! One of the most classic, classic series ever. I’ve also been watching Supernatural since the beginning, but I’ve gotta say that their humorous shows are much better than the later, deeply serious ones. Castle? Meh…I love his family relationships, though.

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