November 9, 2012

Re: the previous post.  I held an election night party.  The best way to watch election returns is with friends and alcohol.

Last week seemed very long.  This week seemed very short.  I think because I’m leaving on a trip next week, and so my time to get everything done before I leave on the trip is shrinking.  I’ve finished a couple of projects, I’m on track to finish a couple more over the weekend.  And I’ve started three others, because apparently that’s how I roll.

This has been a good couple of weeks for short stories.  I’ve sold several reprints, and a couple of new ones.  I’ll let you all know when and where those are going to show up.  Because of course I will!

I also saw Wreck-It Ralph last weekend, and here’s my belated review:  It’s fun.  It’s geeky.  And it’s kind of disturbing, because I left the theater thinking, “So wait a minute, the message is that you should never aspire to anything greater in life, because if you do, you risk destroying the world and everything you love?  And getting thrown off the roof is okay as long as your oppressors bring you cake afterward?  WTF?”  Granted, there are also messages of “Every kid should get to ride the go-karts,” and “Don’t be a jerk.”  But I just kept thinking how this is also a  movie about how Ralph learned to be happy living in the junkyard, and that seemed off to me.

Also, it didn’t have enough references to Tron.



4 Responses to “Miscellaneous”

  1. Doruk Says:

    That unfortunately seems a creepily common message in movies lately…

  2. Griggk the goblin Says:

    It also didn’t have as many fart jokes as “Hotel Transylvania”, but did have more “doody” references…

    I dunno. There’s a theme here about how social ostracism can be a form of bullying. Also, since Ralph was willing to make a great sacrifice, you could infer that even within the worst “Bad Guy”, there’s a desire to be a Hero…but I’m not big on extrapolating moral homilies. Anything more complicated than “Attempting to eat the road runner will get you smooshed” is beyond me.

  3. sef Says:

    Finally saw Wreck-It Ralph; I thought it was a perfect blend of Disney and Pixar.

    Pixar movies often have what I think is an authoritarian bend — where you shouldn’t aspire to be different, or break the rules. This movie had that. But it also had Disney’s dare-to-dream thing. Very weird. (But, gosh, Sarah Silverman really manages to sound adorable.)

  4. Re: Sef – I’d say that the message of Pixar’s movies is more, “Don’t break the rules recklessly.”

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