on the topic of time

October 24, 2012

Over the last week, the aspen trees in my yard have gone full golden and are now shedding all their leaves.  I’m not sure I’m ready for this!  This is the time of year when I think of everything I want to get done by the end of the year, and realize there’s only a couple of months left.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful  to not be so locked into these structures?  I mean, the calendar is ultimately pretty arbitrary.  Then again, without deadlines — self imposed or otherwise, I’m not sure I’d ever get anything done.  So yeah.  I’ve got my list.  We’ll see how I do with it.

Another hard thing is thinking about what to do next year.  I have to start planning.  I’m going to Anomaly Con.  I’ve just booked a vacation in a warm place with beaches for next fall.  I have to make decisions about Worldcon and Dragon Con, which I’m still trying to get back to after my one and only expedition there five years ago.  I need to make a research trip to Yellowstone.  I just don’t have time for it all.

I must plan as if I will have time for everything, eventually.  I can only cross things off the to do list one at a time. So that’s what I do, one thing at a time, step by step.


One Response to “on the topic of time”

  1. Janet Day Says:

    DragonCon 2013 – Yes, please do. I have been living in Australia for the last year (my Husbands job) and we will be going to our first DragonCon as part of our visit home in 2013 – would love to see you there. I Usually visit with you in Denver at StarFest in April. I will not be able to make that for the next few years. Love EVERYTHING you write. Thank you for the escape from the real world!

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