working in the word mines…

October 10, 2012

Another scattered post, because it’s that kind of week.

First, I would like a pat on the back for not drunk-posting to Facebook last night.  I took the day off yesterday because I finally sold my old condo, came home exhausted, celebrated with a bottle of champagne, and collapsed into a hot bath.  I could feel the stress boiling out of my system.  I’m feeling much better now.

Those e-book links I promised are now available!  Kindle, Nook, and iTunes.

NPR ran a great story yesterday on research about what happens to our brains when we read.  Preliminary data show that when reading in a good book, parts of the brain involving touch and movement were also activated, suggesting that “readers were physically placing themselves within the story.”  Which we all kind of knew, right?  Don’t we all love how a good books makes us feel like we’re “right there?”  I love that it turns out that isn’t just a metaphor.


7 Responses to “working in the word mines…”

  1. Debbie W Says:

    Consider yourself “patted” for self-restraint! And thanks for the links; just bought it for my Nook.

  2. Carrie V. Says:

    Ooh, thanks for trying out the collection! I’m quite proud of it and hope you like it!

  3. missraye Says:

    when I read your title for this entry the song that popped up in my head. was Chain Gang… “That’s the sound of the men workin’ on the chain gang – – hooo… ha!”

    and don’t worry.. I only sound like I’m drunk posting 😀

  4. This may explain why I haven’t seen a response to the email I sent last week. I understand about the word mines and all, but if you could possibly reply this weekend it would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Essie Says:

    First off, Carrie, thanks for the link to the article. Very cool.

    Second… Wow David D. Levine, 100% classy there. Demanding much?

  6. ddlevine Says:

    Sorry I came off pushy. I needed to contact Carrie before deadline for a valid professional opportunity. (She has since replied to me.)

    Again, apologies for an inappropriate tone.

  7. Carrie V. Says:

    It’s all cool, no worries.

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