Resident Evil: Retribution

September 17, 2012

The Short Review:  You want to see what an overblown sci fi action movie looks like when you have multiple women characters rather than just a “token,” for no other reason than just because, and each one is a real character with her own agenda and so on?  Here ya go!

If you liked all the other Resident Evil movies, you’ll like this one.  If you didn’t…why would even consider going to see it?  Also, Michelle Rodriguez is amazing.  AMAZING.

Previews:  It’s a month before Halloween, and this is a movie with nominal zombies in it, therefore most of the previews were for horror movies.  And I swear, they all looked exactly the same:  family moves to new house, terrible things happen.  Small children or teen girls involved.  Hapless parents are hapless. Something heinous crawls out of somebody’s mouth.  Whatever.

This only served to make the last two previews, for Cloud Atlas and Django Unchained, look like works of unmitigated creative genius.  Yeah, for all that I’m a fan of horror in concept, I’m really not a fan of the standard schlock horror movie schtick thing, because they all look exactly the same, dammit.


3 Responses to “Resident Evil: Retribution”

  1. missraye Says:

    I think I saw the same previews… wow… 😀
    yea… RE was awesome… I did have a few small bones to pick.. like the redo of the original red queen for the ‘flashback’ NOT a fan… loved the little AH moment for the shipper girl in me.. 😀 but kickass? yep!!! and for those of us that don’t know the game it may be a moot point but why did Ada Wong look like a cross between the original Jill V and Alice in film 1?

  2. Carrie V. Says:

    Mostly I was thinking, “You’ve got the amazing Li Bingbing in your movie, and you…*knock her unconscious during the final fight*???? Wut????

  3. randallm Says:

    We had a preview of the new Silent Hill flick, which I am very much looking forward to.

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