various and sundry, i.e. still juggling

September 12, 2012

Tonight, I’ll be doing a Twitter interview with Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Chat via my avatar, @KittyNorville1.  You can participate by following the hashtag:  #sffwrtcht.  Starts at 7 pm MT/9pm Eastern.

Kickstarter thoughts:  I’ve been on a bit of a Kickstarter, erm, kick the last month or two, mainly because some things I love have launched Kickstarters:  My friends at Ildanach Studios were successful; Monte Cook’s Numenera RPG has been vastly, wildly successful; and Zombie Orpheus studio’s new The Gamers movie has also successfully funded (since I completely adored The Gamers: Dorkness Rising (OMG the bard!), I jumped on this one early).  I’m developing thoughts.  I’ve only supported the Kickstarters of people with established track records — people I know can deliver what they’re promising, people whose products I already have experience with.  I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.  On the one hand, I think it’s wonderful that creative people whose work I love have a source of direct crowdfunding.  On the other hand, brand-new creative people who are just starting out may be a bit handicapped by lack of name-recognition.  I’m not sure what it would take for me to contribute to the campaign of someone I’ve never heard of.  Would I ever launch a Kickstarter campaign?  I don’t know.  If I do, it would probably be for something completely unrelated to writing and publishing — I mean, I have outlets for that already.  It would probably be for something wild and frivolous — like funding a steampunk masquerade ball.  My town has some great historic buildings/ballrooms that would be perfect for a ball, and Kickstarter seems like an excellent way to collect the seed money to a) rent the hall, b) pay a couple of bands and a DJ, c) do the place up right.  A masquerade ball lends itself well to the stepped goals/rewards of a Kickstarter campaign.  One level gets you a ticket, the next gets you a pass to a VIP section, another level maybe doesn’t get you a ticket, but gets you a cool token to say you contributed, that sort of thing.  So I’m thinking about it but no where near launching it yet.

Last night’s episode of GI Joe had three, count them three, subplots running.  In a twenty-minute episode.  That’s just crazy!


7 Responses to “various and sundry, i.e. still juggling”

  1. Jeremy Says:

    Tim Pratt has done two successful kickstarters now, one to fund a Marla Mason novel Grim Tides after his publisher dropped him, and now another one for a collection of short stories. They have been wildly successful and I even put money towards the Grim Tides one. I’d love to see a Kitty Kickstarter but then again I love anything Kitty related.

  2. Carrie V. Says:

    Thanks! I know a bunch of writers who’ve been using Kickstarter successfully. Laura Anne Gilman’s another one.

    Right now, I’m pretty much contractually obligated to keep Kitty novels with my publisher. That’s what I mean by already having outlets. But if the time ever comes when I find options like that being cut off, I’d definitely think about turning to crowdfunding.

  3. amysisson Says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with only funding Kickstarters for folks with established track records and/or folks with whom you’re familiar. At the most basic level of reasoning, you have no obligation to fund *any* Kickstarters, so even funding a few that you know of means you’re going the extra mile for those particular people and for the arts in general. If brand-new artists (including writers, of course) are successful in getting funding this way, more power to them, but artists have had to struggle for support through the millennia, and I don’t think every new artist is owed payment even before there’s anything close to a finished product.

  4. amysisson Says:

    (And there are probably some artists who I don’t think deserve payment even *after* there’s a finished product! Not to be unkind, but I have met a young aspiring writer or two who said it wasn’t their job to know or learn grammar, because that’s the editor’s job. And oddly enough, these are sometimes the same ones who think they don’t need an editor — which I guess is good because they’re not likely to find one!)

  5. Sherri Says:

    I have supported a variety of Kickstarter programs: books, shopping bags, new gaming hardware platforms, board games, apps and social programs, etc. I hope each one works out (and all have so far, knock on wood) but I guess I just feel like it allows me to contribute to people who have an idea and need a hand. I am lucky enough to have a little extra money, so I try to do what I can.

    Out of the 17 projects I have backed, only 3 were known entities. But no one has let me down yet and the things I have from the completed projects have been awesome. I say take a chance on something small, if it doesn’t work out it is not the end of the world. And if it does – score, you likely just received something cool. 🙂

  6. amysisson Says:

    I do something similar with Kiva, although it’s not artistic. It’s microloans to people in various countries — min. amount to loan is $25, and the folks use the money to buy livestock, supplies for small stores, or (my personal favorite) education. I just made my 20th loan! There is also a pilot program called Kiva Zip which has more microloans (although they’re usually $5K total as opposed to some of the really small loans of $200 or so to other countries) for some innovative projects, small organic farms, etc.

  7. Jeanne-Marie Says:

    A steam punk ball would be a great idea! Let me know if you need any help!

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