after the weekend

September 10, 2012

Today’s XKCD sums up how I’ve been feeling lately.  Only in my mind it’s juggling balls, and they’re all falling toward me, and I have to catch them.  My to do list right now is a lot of a little things, and I don’t have to do them all immediately.  But I have to do them.  I’m working on the “little bit at a time” philosophy.  I just have to do a few things a day, but I have to do something.

One of the things I did this weekend was bag up some clothes for donation.  Especially the oversize sweaters and T-shirts and things that I loved in college, but I’ve really been avoiding the oversized clothes thing and they need to go.  It still gets emotional — I’m one of those people who puts sentimental value on things.  Which makes it all the more important that I actually let things go.  But this batch includes a shirt I bought when I was a student in the UK, a T-shirt from an ex-boyfriend that I never wear, and other shirts that were gifts but that I’ll never wear.  Yeah, they need to go.

Anybody remember Lexx?  Crazy SF TV show, contemporary with Farscape, but really really strange, most notable for the rather shockingly phallic space ship?  I never really watched it, but I remember being intrigued by the couple of episodes I managed to catch.  Like the one with the musical theater planet, in which all the dialog was sung (and this was before the Buffy musical episode, if I recall).  Well, Target had the first two seasons on sale for $4 each, and I’m a sucker for Target’s DVD sales, so I got it, and watched the first few episodes, and I have to confess, I really loved it.  Completely, off the rails crazy.  Like Dune filtered through an Adam Ant video.  Low production values and held together with twine and good intentions, but I have to appreciate anything with that kind of whacked out imagination.  Space pirates, brains in jars, a hideous dystopia — and Barry Bostwick in a sequined loincloth?  Bwah!


6 Responses to “after the weekend”

  1. ltpen315 Says:

    I do remember the ship, but that is all I remember!! If my local Target has it, I may pick it up, and, hey…I would love to see Barry Bostwick in any kind of loincloth!! LOL, Barb.

  2. gustovcarl Says:

    I love Lexx!! A loony show in the best sense of the word. If that’s what Target is selling it for, I gotta have it!

  3. Doruk Says:

    It is available streaming on Netflix too.

  4. Christine Says:

    Totally relate to sentimental attachments to clothes. A local charity made bags out of old tshirts, which was much easier. I bet u could find a school art class that could make great bags for their fundraiser & they’d raise more based on the shmatas (Yiddish -old rags) came from famous author.

  5. Re WIlliams Says:

    My mom offered to make me a quilt out of my old t-shirts. I might take her up on it, rather than give away all those memories. Relate to the sorting … I just moved from a house to a small flat. I did get rid of a lot before the move … and I’ve taken four trips to salvation army while unpacking. There’s still too much.

    Do I really need that winter parka for -40? And my books …. The Kitty books in German are staying, they’re printed on quality paper. But all those paperbacks turning yellow? (Why can’t the US print on paper that’ll last more than 5 years?) Decisions, Decisions ….

  6. Jen Tucker Says:

    Lexx for $4!? Okay, I’m there. Love that show!

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