traveling, and some past vacation pictures for you

August 29, 2012

I’m heading off to Worldcon today.  Scroll down to last week’s post to see my schedule — I have the usual round of panels and readings and stuff.  I believe I’ll be reading from Kitty Rocks the House, if you want a sneak peek.

In the meantime, for the next week, I’ll post random vacation pictures.  We re-watched Romancing the Stone last night so we could see how much like Joan Wilder I really am.  While I am known to weep over my own writing, it turns out that when it comes to travel, we’re not much alike, at least not the way she is at the beginning of the movie.  Although if young Michael Douglas pulled up to my house with a sailboat, I’d probably drop my groceries to run off with him, too.

This is Exit Glacier in Alaska, 2007:


One Response to “traveling, and some past vacation pictures for you”

  1. Doug Davey Says:

    Petting a glacier is one of the best things to do in Alaska. Seward is a nifty town too.

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