a sleepy monday blog post

August 27, 2012

I arrived home from Bubonicon at about 11 pm last night.  This was after half a day of convention, eight hours on the road, with a break to stop and see my parents, and all this after a weekend of late nights and not enough sleep.  So I was very tired, but I had to stay up long enough to write down all the notes I thought of on the drive.  I solved a couple of plot/character issues on Age of Tin, and I figured out the anchoring idea for an entirely other book I’ve thought about writing.  This is why I don’t really mind long drives, I get a lot of good thinking done.

But I am tired today.  The convention was great, as always.  I didn’t have too much programming, which meant I got a lot of good face time talking to people.  I also accomplished some shopping — some books; some Peri Charlifu pottery to match the piece I bought last year (I’m going to have a total Elven kitchen at this rate, which is just fine with me); and a very excellent costume piece, a kind of Chinese wrap-around shirt with a vintage embroidered panel on back.  It’s given me some ideas for an Asian-influenced steampunk outfit.

But for now, I rest, write a little, and start gearing up for Worldcon next weekend.  Onward…


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