Bubonicon and Worldcon schedules

August 22, 2012

I’ve got conventions coming up the next two weekends.  Break time’s over!  Here’s where you can find me:

Tomorrow, August 23, 7 pm, I’ll be signing at Bookworks in Albuquerque, NM.  Come say hi!

Bubonicon, Aug 24-26

Friday, 7:30 pm, panel: The End of the World as the Fans Know It.  I’m moderating a panel on ending a series.  (Don’t worry, Kitty’s still got a few books to go!)

Saturday, Noon, panel:  YA SF.  Young adult SF, which I’ve been thinking a lot about lately.

Saturday, 5:30 pm:  Mass Autographing.

Sunday, 10 am:  55 Minutes with ME! (Reading, in other words.)

Sunday, 12:30 pm:  Authors Afternoon Tea.

Then I jump in my car, drive the 7 hours to home, and do laundry before heading to:

Worldcon, Aug 30 – Sept 3

Thursday, 1:30 pm:  Kafeeklatsch (these usually have sign ups ahead of time)

Thursday, 3:30 – 4 pm:  Reading (Grand Suite 3)

Friday, 10:30 am, panel:  Self Editing Your Fiction.  (Jeanne Cavelos, my Odyssey Writing Workshop mentor, is moderating this and I’m really looking forward to it.) (Crystal A)

Friday, 1:30 pm:  Group reading for John Joseph Adam’s anthologies.  I’ll be reading “Strife Lingers in Memory.”

Friday, 4:30 pm, panel:  Wild Cards. Wild Cards writers talk about Wild Cards!  These are always fun.  (Crystal A)

Saturday, 1:30 pm:  Autograph Session.

And Sunday night, I will be at the Hugo Awards Ceremony heckling James S.A. Corey.


3 Responses to “Bubonicon and Worldcon schedules”

  1. Kendall Lovely Says:

    I would’ve gone today, to Bookworks, but I missed the stupid bus I was supposed to get on… :C Sorry. I hope it went well.

  2. Carrie v. Says:

    It went well! I’m sorry you couldn’t be there — I wondered if you were going to try to make it. Maybe next time?

  3. Kendall Says:

    Yeah, next time.

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