it’s a Monday

August 13, 2012

As usual during the Olympics, I’ve gotten nothing done for the last two weeks, flailing about like a mad thing getting emotional over other people’s victories, so today is the day when I go back to my to-do list and start getting things done.  I had a great time watching, as usual, but it’s a good thing this only happens every couple of years.  An observation:  people have pointed out that this is the first Olympics where women athletes outnumbered the men, where every team included women athletes, and where American women won more gold medals than the men.  I think this is great.  We’re two generations past Title IX, and this is the result:  the current generation of women Olympians didn’t just have wide-open access to participation in sports, they grew up watching women play sports as a matter of course.  Women in sports is now entirely, beautifully normal, and that attitude seems to be spreading to the rest of the world.  Huzzah!

Something I meant to blog about last week and didn’t:  Last Sunday I had the great good fortune to attend the Steamfitters Ball at the splendid Gothic Theater, featuring Abney Park’s first ever Denver concert.  I got all dressed up and everything, though not in the outfit I intended.  I’ve finally acquired a fancy hourglass corset (rather than all the flat-panel Elizabethan ones I already had), but realized I should probably not have my first outing in said corset driving myself over an hour to a show where I’d be on my feet for another six hours.  But the new corset will have its outing soon, oh yes.

And I always forget, until I’m at my next show, just how much I love live music.  Live music is magic.  It can be a song I’ve heard a million times recorded, but hearing it live makes it new again, and hearing an iconic voice like Captain Robert’s, and realizing it belongs to a real live person who’s made all this music. . .  And then being there, in the middle of it, I’m suddenly a part of it.  Yeah, I had a good time.

And on that note, I’ve signed up for Steamcon.  Perhaps I’ll see you there.


One Response to “it’s a Monday”

  1. MacAuslander Says:

    That was a terrific concert. My spouse spent the following morning downloading Abney Park’s entire discography – and then we also signed up for Steamcon! So yes, you’ll see us there. Even though we’ve never actually met (well, we attended a panel at MileHiCon last year that you were on – but that was before either of us had read any of the Kitty novels…)

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