fires and yet another RIP

June 27, 2012

First off, I’ve been getting some questions about the fires and how close I am.  Answer:  I’m fine.  I’m not close.  (If I have to evacuate, it will mean a couple of major cities have already burned down.  If that happens, we’ll all have much bigger problems.)  Thanks for the concern and the good wishes.  We’re used to wildfires in Colorado.  Every year has one or two major fires in some corner of the state or other.  But having some dozen major fires at the same time — one of which is threatening a rather large chunk of the second biggest city in the state and has prompted the partial evacuation of the Air Force Academy — is making this feel apocalyptic.  Here’s some information if you want to help out.  Pray for rain, if you’re a praying sort.

One more news item I have to comment on:

I recently ran across a comment, I can’t remember where, about how you know you’re getting old when the icons of your youth start passing away.  It’s true, and this time it’s Nora Ephron, who’s remembered as one of the great women powerhouses in Hollywood.  But I’ll always remember her, with gratitude, as the person who put me in a bikini.  I want to pass along what I learned from her, in case it helps someone else.

I was working in the bookstore when I read an essay she had written, included in a book of essays by women about turning 50.  Ephron wrote that her only regret on turning 50 was that she hadn’t worn a bikini when she was 25.  At 25 she had the body for it, but not the confidence, while at 50, she had the confidence, but not the body.  I was 25 when I read that, and thought, “Holy cow, she’s right.”  It took me a year to work up to it, but I bought my first two-piece bathing suit because of that essay.  And I’m still wearing bikinis, because why the heck not?  I’m not getting any younger.


3 Responses to “fires and yet another RIP”

  1. Rod Says:

    I hope the fire down here in Colo Springs do not reach Boulder (which I don’t think it will, I hope), becuase your too Gorgeous and too much of an Excellent Auther to be effected by that. Well, it (was) lighty drizzling here. I’m eagerly waiting on a couple of new books coming out this year. Yours (C.V.) is definately one of them.

  2. Carrie V. Says:

    Boulder has its own fires to worry about…

  3. Griggk the goblin Says:

    We will endure.
    We will not succumb to despair.
    We will, if in harm’s way, evacuate, so that our fighters may focus solely on extinguishing every last cinder.
    We will set aside our politics, our prejudices, our pettiness to give aid and comfort to our displaced neighbors.
    Our dedication, our determination, our devotion will shine until the flames themselves grow pale and feeble with envy.
    We will not succumb to despair. We will endure.

    From the Goblin in the shadow of Pikes Peak

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