so, how was it?

June 18, 2012

Denver’s very first Comic Con was everything one could hope for in a Comic Con:  costumes, dealers, comic books, programming, more costumes, etc.  For me the best part was seeing so many people running around having an awesome time.  I ended up being on six panels, so it was kind of a blur.  I didn’t do much else but panels and a bit of shopping.  But it all went well, because of cool co-panelists and sharp audiences who asked good questions.  And I walked out of the exhibit hall with a stack of graphic novels I’d had my eye on and a Wonder Woman pin, so you know it was a good day.  At one point I was in the green room at the same time as James Marsters, Bruce Boxleitner, and Cindy Morgan, which warmed my little fangirl heart to no end.

So, you might have heard about the High Park Fire which has been burning up a chunk of the foothills west of Ft. Collins for some time now.  (I’m about forty miles south and totally safe, but my area’s been getting a lot of smoke from the fire.)  The WOLF Sanctuary — a wolf and wolf hybrid rescue in Ft. Collins — had to evacuate late last week.  The wolves are all okay, but their facilities were damaged by the fire and they’ll need help to rebuild, if you have a few extra bucks you can give.


4 Responses to “so, how was it?”

  1. Alii Says:

    I got to see you on a couple of panels and you were quite awesome. 🙂 Also, thanks for toting around your nametag. That was one thing I wish had been around for all the other panels I sat in on.

  2. stinalyn Says:

    This was my first time to a comic con anywhere, and I really enjoyed it. When it comes right down to it, though, I’m a lit girl. So I was very happy to see the lit panels included as well. 🙂

    Have you been getting any of the smoke in Boulder? It’s been relatively clear here in Fort Collins the past few days, but I wonder how much I’m just getting used to it.

  3. Ali M. Says:

    I had an awesome time at the con this year. Thanks for signing my book. You guys had an awesome panel.

  4. carriev Says:

    Thanks for coming to the convention! I’ll try to be there again next year.

    We had a couple of days of bad smoke last week, but this week has been better. The last couple of days have even been cool, which feels wonderful.

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