This weekend: Denver Comic Con

June 13, 2012

The very first Denver Comic Con is this weekend, at the convention center.  I’ll be there Saturday and Sunday, doing a bunch of panels and stuff:

Saturday 11-12:  New Horror and Urban Fantasy in Room 104

Saturday 1-2:  Strong Women Characters in Capitol 2 (in the Hyatt, I believe)

Saturday 4-5:  Young Adult Literature in Capitol 1

Sunday 10-11:  Great Science Fiction in Room 104

Sunday 11-12:  How to Break in to Publishing in Room 104

What I don’t have is a formal signing time, but I do have a spot in Artist Alley — table 25, I believe, and I’ll be there Saturday from about 2-3 and Sunday at about 12:30 until I get tired.  Stop by to chat if you like!

UPDATE:  There’s a change:  I will NOT have a table in Artists Alley after all, because on further reflection it just doesn’t make sense for me to have a space that I’m not going to use for most of the convention.  I know they have a wait list for tables, and it makes more sense for someone else who can make better use of it to have it.

I’m happy to sign books after panels and whatnot.  Just ask!

And just in case you missed it, the first chapter of Kitty Steals the Show is online!


One Response to “This weekend: Denver Comic Con”

  1. Ali M. Says:

    Yay Sooo Excited. Hopefully I will get a chance to stop by an see you. 🙂

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