what I did this weekend

June 11, 2012

I had a busy weekend, doing lots of little things, which is somehow more exhausting than doing one thing all weekend long.  Saturday was a dog training seminar, where I tried to get some pointers on straightening out some of Lily’s doorbell issues and such.  Add another item to the daily to-do list…  Sunday, I taught a 2-hour writing class for teenagers.  I’ve never done anything like that before.  I think I did okay — only three of the eighteen ditched in the middle.  Once I got them talking about The Hunger Games, what they liked about it and what they didn’t, why writers kill their characters, and how all this applies to their own stories, everything was fine.

Movies:  I finally watched David Lynch’s Blue Velvet, which is one of those I’ve heard a lot about but for whatever reason never got around to seeing until now.  And it’s just as sick and twisted as everybody says it is.  But there’s a method to the madness — an attempt to subvert form and genre, and I think, in creating a hardcore suburban noir — and that was interesting.

I haven’t seen Prometheus yet.  The online buzz has been fascinating, and I’m desperately trying to avoid reviews.  I’m hoping to see it tonight.  So, if y’all can hold out for a couple of days, I’ll be ready to talk about it then.


One Response to “what I did this weekend”

  1. What is amazing is getting 18 teenagers together for a class on a Sunday when school is out for the summer – how did that happen? Advanced writing workshop for Honors English students or was alchemy/witchcraft involved?

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