brain full = never bored

June 8, 2012

My brain is full all the time.  It’s both a good thing and a bad thing.  Remember all that stuff I talked about wanting to write?  It’s all in my head pretty much all the time.  The ideas rotate around, but they’re always there.  This is one of the reasons writers get baffled by the “where do you get your ideas” question.  Because most of us will never have time work on all the ideas we have.  We will die with hundreds of unwritten ideas in our brains, and it drives us crazy.  But it’s also awesome, because it means we’re never ever bored.

(If you ever see me sitting somewhere, staring off into space, please don’t ask, “Is something wrong?  You look so sad!”  Because nothing is wrong.  I’m just thinking about stories.)

Every time I go on a hike in places like this, I think about my subversive epic fantasy:

Magic, isn’t it?  I can think of exactly what scenes I’d set here.  I think about how to describe that amazing quality of light.  I could sit there for hours, telling myself stories.

I have a folder of music called “space opera,” where I’ve stuck a bunch of songs that make me think of the space opera I want to write.  (Not the YA space opera, the other one.  You see how this can get out of hand?)  The trouble with that is, every time I hear one of those songs in any other context, I want to work on the space opera.

It’s totally out of control.  But I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I’m never bored.



6 Responses to “brain full = never bored”

  1. WanabePBWriter Says:

    The Photo looks a lot like the Trail to Bridal Veil Falls in RMNP. I myself want to want to be a writer, but as of yet do not work on it enough. The other day doing the house work I again had a new story Idea with potential, and said to myself “Crap, I am a writer.”

  2. Andrew Says:

    I know the feeling Wanabe. I came to that conclusion a couple of years ago.

    Great shot, Carrie. I can’t wait for the space opera.

  3. I sympathize. I have five novels lurking in my back brain that I intend to write someday, plus countless other first or second drafts meeping “Me next! Me next!” at me. Last August I started setting Mondays aside for a YA project because I realized otherwise it might never get written.

  4. Doug Davey Says:

    That trail looks like it could be in Alaska. When I hike I usually picture Dungeons and Dragons story points and combats. I suppose that is like the same thing, just a whole lot less work on my part. At least I don’t get bored either.

  5. emily Says:

    For the record, I am infinitely intrigued by your subversive epic fantasy idea and look forward to reading it someday!

  6. I was on board with emily and all about that subversive epic fantasy you mentioned the other day – until you mentioned YA space opera just now. I have hopped trains, and I feel your pain.

    And yes to the ‘we will never have enough time to write all the ideas in our brain’. I’m terrible at organizing stuff on my computer, so awhile back I added a forum/messageboard that only I can access to my website. Whenever a project in my head finishes percolating to the point where it has a title, synopsis, or enough character or worldbuilding that I feel I need to jot it down somewhere or risk losing it, I start a thread for it, that’s then easily updated anytime I have further thoughts or notes on it or write a chapter or two. Thus I have tons of threads with partially or half completed novels in addition to the thread for my actual WIP….and by the time the WIP is completed, there’s a few new threads.

    Ah well. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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